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Psamathes is a singer and songwriter based in Rome, Italy. Her wide range (G#2-F#6) and vocal versatility, combined with a unique voice colour, allow her to record in a variety of styles and genres. She is known for being able to switch from powerful high belting to soaring operatic vocals, from soft, intimate interpretations to atmospheric folk chanting, all while singing in more languages than she can count - even made-up ones! 
Psamathes also arranges vocals for solos and choirs, and writes lyrics in different languages (English, Italian, Latin). She often records entire 4-part choirs on her own, thanks to her command of range and tone. She has over 10 years of training and experience performing with choirs, as a solo act, and with bands, and she is currently preparing a number of opera roles as a light lyric soprano. Her own original songwriting is as varied as her singing, drawing influences from orchestral, electronic, and heavy music, with meticulously crafted lyrics that delve into human emotions with a fresh but relatable approach.
Active member of the videogame music community, from Materia Collective to Pixel Mixers, she regularly contributes to tribute albums and singles, while also working on arrangements for her YouTube channel, independent releases, and as a session singer.

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