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  1. Hello, There's a bass track that I'm trying to limit because, in order to make it sound nice and dirty, I've throw some HEAVY distortion on it. As will happen when you distort a sound, it got really loud. The nature of this bass sound is that it doesn't vary in intensity pretty much at all. Thus, I want to use a limiter to decrease the volume. However, the limiter insert that I put on it doesn't seem to be working. I've played with the ordering and sometimes it works, then I'll move something and the sound explodes, move it back, nothing happens, etc. Basically, I can find no information about the order in which these inserts are applied so anyone who can tell me would be a lifesaver. thanks iosman
  2. yeah no doubt it is pretty. I think you should check their ''about'' to know how to get in contact with them through youtube channel. ________________________________ tweakbox tweakbox tweakbox
  3. Hello, I've tried the demo and it's pretty sick,,, but I want more opinions on this, preferably from experienced guitarists. thanks iosman
  4. Hello, Okay, I mananged to get my hands on a (finally) VSTi Vocoder synth (V0c0v, got it from KVR recently). Using the capture plugin as an effect, it can pick up anything the VST effect is picking up (in this case, a passthru of audio) and use the VSTi to play vocoded notes and shit. Now the problem is, using an Audigy and ASIO, for some strange reason Creative decided to be asses and not provide support for Microphone input (analog mix doesn't work, and line in doesn't pick up my mic or anything in ASIO mode) as an option ometv chatroulette when working in ASIO with the Audigy. Aside from NOT using ASIO or recording then placing the recording through, is there any way to work around this problem? In short Mic in + ASIO(audigy) = Doesn't work. How to go around? thanks iosman