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  1. A good day to you all, I am currently in progress of creating a remake of a game which title might not ring a bell for anyone living beyond Germany's borders. :) I want to change that. It is a german rpg called Ambermoon for the Amiga. Despite having a splendid ost not one single remix had been made it seems. Not one. Check out the ost for yourselves: https://youtu.be/MoNVLf2Td-c Can someone help me out and create at least some tracks like the overworld map or dungeon tracks? It might help me when presenting some sort of prototype later on (if it ever reached that stage) and get me in the right spirit while working on the game itself. Or is there a way I could do it myself with some practice and the right kind of program to make a simple rework on the amiga chiptune originals? Thanks for any advice on that. Interesting note: The original composer for the game's ost proclaimed on the (internet back in the days) he would make a full arranged soundtrack for Ambermoon if 200 people sent him an email requesting it. It never reached that amount.
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