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  1. Hey all. I'm currently working on a fangame based on Sonic Colors titled "Sonic Colors Demastered" and am collaborating with some other Sonic remixers to give it an original soundtrack of remixes based on the original game's songs.  I'm working on a remix of the map theme for Tropical Resort and here's what I have so far:

    For reference, here's the original track:


    I actually got inspired by one the hub world tracks from Splatoon 3 for my remix and was trying to channel the same funky, synth focused energy that song has (it's this one here):

    I'll admit though that I'm not really satisfied with how my track is sounding so far. For one, it doesn't feel nearly as "funky" as the Splatoon 3 track that I got inspired by. I also feel like my song just sounds generally empty but I'm struggling to figure out ways to make it sound "fuller". I want the song to have a bright, bubbly vibe fitting of the first area in the game (like the original song it's based on does) but I don't think I'm nailing that vibe. I would appreciate some feedback.

  2. Just got a chance to listen, nice track! I loved when the pizzicato strings came in at 3:42! I agree with brink on the nice atmospheric feel the track has going on.

    The strings your using for the main melody seem like they have a bit too much attack on them. There are some spots where you quickly shift notes (like at 0:45) but because of how long the attack is, the strings never get to full volume before moving to the next note so it sounds a bit awkward. If it's possible, I'd recommend going into your VST and turning down the attack just a tad. I remember you commenting on one of my tracks and saying that you used FL, so you could also check out the new FLEX plugin that they added for free. It has a bunch of quality sampled orchestral instruments (including strings) so you could give the violins from that a shot!

    Also, I never knew that "Unforgotten" from Halo 2 was the same as "Never Forget" from Halo 3. I started a cover a Never Forget a few weeks ago and was surprised when I started listening to this and it had the same melody, haha! Maybe we'll have to collaborate sometime!


  3. 2 hours ago, brink-of-time said:

    Yes, I was referring to the choir. It sounds like it was played through an old gramophone lol. 

    As for the drums, FL studio has some good basic riff kits you can play with. And if you're looking for some idea where to start, you could always listen to the Smash OSTs. They are a good start for what kind of drums work for instrumental remixes.

    Is there a specific place where those "riff kits" are kept in FL? I've always just grabbed individual drum samples from the browser and strung together looped beats in the channel rack.

  4. 2 hours ago, brink-of-time said:

    You have a good idea going! But let's work on some basics first as to not overwhelm you. I'll start with the basic idea of the track itself. You imagine this as a Smash course song, but as it sits, I don't think it has enough energy yet. Some more drum work and adding some bass in there will help wonders to get that energy. If you listen to the remix tracks that the Smash games use, they all have energy throughout. Even more "symphonic" style themes, remixed for Smash, have energy. You start to build it nicely with the orchestral drums, but it needs more once the theme kicks in.
    Now onto the instruments themselves. You have a pretty good selection for what I think would fit in Smash. Only exception is the chorus that you use. Its way too muffled. If you can't find any free VSTs, there are plenty of open and free sound fonts that can do the job. Also as stated earlier, a good bass instrument (I prefer synth types for energy tracks), would do great as well. 
    Last for now is when you add the main theme at 1:16 and 3:00. This is almost an exact rendition of the original track. If you are going to use the same instrument for the theme, try slight variations on the theme or change it's structure so it doesn't seem so slow (could be the lack of energy that's emphasizing the slowness). Even better, try increasing the tempo a bit. That might help too with the theme. Comparing yours with the source you provided, makes it almost seem the same.

    We can work on mastering and such as we go.

    Hope that helps!

    Good start! 

    Thanks a bunch for the advice! I tried upping the bpm and also added a synth bass to help push the song along and it definitely sounds more upbeat now! I'll admit that the drums have been my biggest struggle (since I'm using an orchestral drum loop it's hard for me to figure out how to add "variation" because the loop is predone, so I can't shift it around so to speak). I ended up muting the orchestral drums and trying a simple drum and bass beat instead but that coupled with the synth bass is making the song sound more "EDM-ish" than orchestral. I'm not 100% sure how I feel about it but I'll keep fiddling around with it.

    I'll try messing around with the main melody too (adding variation, changing instruments, etc.) Also, just a quick question. When you said the chorus sounded to muffled did you mean the chorus of the song or the choir VST? I'm assuming you meant the choir VST (because it does sound muffled now that I listen to it, lol) but I just wanted to be sure

    Anyways, thanks for all the advice! I'll try listening to some of Smash's orchestral remixes too, might offer some inspiration!

  5. Hey All! I started this remix after seeing a lot of other people on YouTube making remixes for their dream Smash Bros. characters. I tried to make it sound like music you'd hear on a stage in-game so I wanted it to be really epic and exciting. I'm still pretty amateur when it comes to orchestral composing so I was hoping to get some feedback on the quality of the song and some advice on where I should take it since it's not finished yet.

    A few things to note:

    • I don't have access to any super high quality orchestral VSTs so I've been trying to squeeze the best sound quality that I can out of free VSTs and the ones that come with FL Studio
    • The drum loop to me seems really repetitive, which is because I actually used an orchestral drum loop for the whole percussion section (I don't have access to orchestral drums either, lol)
    • I'm still struggling with the mixing and mastering for the song. Balancing orchestral instruments is pretty tough and I'd be open to any advice on how to do a better job!
    • I'm not sure if I'm using the various string sections (violins, violas, cello, bass) correctly. I kind of just put the notes in the places I thought sounded best

    I'd love to hear people's thoughts on the track and any feedback for making it better!


    Here's my track:

    And here's the original song for reference:

    Anyways, Dragonborn for Smash! :grin:

  6. This actually sounds super awesome! I loved how rocking and energetic the track as a whole was and the breakdown at 1:00 was super smooth.

    If I could make some suggestions, from 0:17 to 0:45 I noticed that the guitars drown out the main melody just a tad (it's a little hard to hear the horns and the synth that come in after that). I also think it might be cool if you made the stereo separation happen more frequently at 1:45. Instead of having it switch ears at each riff, you could have it kind of "waver" between the left and right stereo channels on the last note of each riff.

    Other than that though this track rocks!  If SEGA ever made another All Stars Racing game I could totally see this being used for a NiGHTS Track.

  7. On 2/10/2020 at 6:49 PM, brink-of-time said:

    This is nice! I'm with Souperion on the balancing of channels. Your lead is definitely a bit too soft. The bass line drowns it just a tad. 
    On your double kicks, try lowering the volume on the off hit. When both notes of the double kick are the same velocity, it tends to over power the beat.
    You have a cool track, fits the Sonic style very well.

    I'm glad you like the track! I'll try lowering the kick volume on the off hit and fiddle with the balancing too. Thanks for the feedback!

  8. 20 hours ago, Souperion said:

    A fellow fruity composer! Huzzah. I'm no expert on balance either, but I've learned a little. I'd suggest working with individual instrument channel volume before you tweak the master volume. Start with your leads, since those usually are the showcase. For more flexibility, try using the variable channel volume: open the piano roll on the instrument's pattern, then find the "control" button on the lower left side. Click it, and it'll bring down a little menu. Hit "Channel Volume" under "Channel Control", and then you can make an automation that changes the channel volume as it plays the pattern. I'll include a couple pictures, in case my instructions are as confusing to you as they were to me.

    So yeah. Take a look at your instruments in their plugins, fiddle with them if volume alone isn't enough. Balancing takes a long time, so don't lose too much sleep over it right now. Keep making new songs and experimenting with things like volume, reverb, and EQ, it comes with experience. 

    Channel 2 (2).png

    Channel 3 (2).png

    Holy cow, thank you for the tips! I've been working with FL for a while now and I never knew the Channel Volume modification was a thing. I've started doing work with orchestral samples so that's going to be an absolute godsend when it comes to strings!

    I'll try to work on the balancing in this song (and my others). You gave some really good tips so I'll be sure to keep them in mind when working on my tracks.

    Also, it's always nice to find another Fruity Loops Producer! :grin:

  9. On 10/24/2019 at 7:05 PM, Souperion said:

    I like your choice of instruments, it's cohesive with the original but interestingly different. It isn't as bright as the original either,  making it a little more relaxing to listen to. It does sound a little soft though, that may be part of the sensation of missing something. What kind of DAW do you use? Try raising the velocity of notes or just increasing the channel volume a bit. That may make it a little fuller, and a little reverb might not hurt. All in all, this is pretty nice and chill. Good work!

    Holy cow, I know this is incredibly late but thank you for the feedback! Life got kinda hectic and I never responded when you originally posted your message.


    I use FL Studio and audio balance is an issue I face a lot honestly. I see what you mean about the track sounding kind of soft so I'll try raising the channel volume like you said; quick question though, when you say to raise the channel volume do you mean for an individual instruments in particular or for the entire track as a whole? I'll try adding some reverb too!


    Again, thank you for the feedback!

  10. Hey all! First time poster here so I hope I do this right! When Sonic Generations came out years ago one of my favorite aspects of the game was that all of the Sonic stages within it received both "classic" and "modern" remixes. I thought it would be fun to take Sylvania Castle Zone from Sonic 4 Episode II and try to remix it in the style of the classic stages from Sonic Generations. Here's the original song for reference:

    And here's my version:


    I think it sounds okay so far but I thought it would be helpful to get some other people's opinions on it. I also feel like there's something...missing. I can't put my finger on it but it feels like it needs something to give it more energy like the Generations remixes had. I appreciate any and all feedback!

    EDIT: For some reason I think the google drive link is broken. Here's a SoundCloud link if the other one isn't working:


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