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  1. I'm still looking, crawling through more old Zelda fan sites at the Internet Archive. The only thing I know is that it was uploaded before 2004 because I was still in school when I heard it, I just can't remember exactly when. If I find out anything more I will definitely come back.
  2. Hello, I'm getting old and in my old age I'm wanting to tag all my music properly, but I've run across a song that I've had for forever and a day and I can't seem to find out where I got it. I've looked through all the old Zelda sites I remember using over at the internet archive, but have had no luck. Maybe someone here knows who made this remix of Gerudo Valley? https://mega.nz/#!jg9x3YaC!U0rTxRgVn0raTLHGAUbJxKgoPt2Zr_6br3XhL9Y6O8g