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  1. Hello, In order to discover some gems that nobody knows about, i thought we could make a mega thread, where everybody can share what he thinks is a remix that has not been noticed and hadn't been reconized enough. I will start with this one, i discovered it few minutes ago : Note : you can move the topic to the appropriate subforum, if this is not the right one
  2. Specifically the part 0:29 - 1:25 ! Can someone make this loop and make it even better (idk if thats possible) ? There is another good part for the music (read the youtube comments) but yeah mainly : 0:29 - 1:25 Do you think its worth mixing? If yes please say so or.. do it!
  3. Hello, I discovered a new sick ost from a game called furi, i searched for ocremix to get a second taste at the ost, but there were non (i found one metal remix), Let me show you what we are talking about : Are these types of musics hard to remix? Good day
  4. Hi, I am in love with some parts of this song : Temple of rain - Guacamelee especially from minute 1:33 to minute 2:00 (but it starts at 1:00). Challenge : make the music more awesome (extend the drop, amking them more powerful, longer to listen? Thx
  5. Hello, It's about this remix : I wandered if it was possible to extend this part : 2:41 -> 3:19, even more. And making it "stronger" more intense, and maybe longer. Few exampes of the types of "intense" i am thinking about : 1) THis kinda "acceptable" dubstepy music : 2) This one at the end at 3:05 3) This one is maybe most fitted, at 1:52 either making the music i linked at the beginnong even longer in its build up, or "more powerful" or both, whiever is the style. Good luck who ever like to make these. Good day Edit: Third example was the wrong one, fixed it.
  6. Hello! It's awesome I just discovered thanks for an online video game radio, i was suprsised there were only few views on youtube for your music. Do you have any email or something, so i can send you mu full feedback.
  7. Kac

    GunGirl 2

    Hello, Could someone explain to me why there are no remixes for the awesome littles pieces we can find in that soundtrack ? Examples : 1) GunGirl 2 OST - 12-Gauge Rave https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h3A7IxPA0Ac&list=PLyE7G_SkVSWw41iW7ycTl2bCLNDhPTcT7&index=6 This one reminds of an awesome piece of music made by Jim Guthrie, it has many parts. Cant stop listening to it. 2) GunGirl 2 OST - Phantasmagoria https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rOgdjtzumgQ&list=PLyE7G_SkVSWw41iW7ycTl2bCLNDhPTcT7&index=13 3) GunGirl 2 OST - Phantasmagoria Ex https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QRvEj_nHbl8&list=PLyE7G_SkVSWw41iW7ycTl2bCLNDhPTcT7&index=14 (this one reminds of the theme playing while prisscila yoma version appears on the anime CLAYMORE) 4) GunGirl 2 OST - The Unforgiven This one is also great: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xc21uMh8dmk&list=PLyE7G_SkVSWw41iW7ycTl2bCLNDhPTcT7&index=16 5) GunGirl 2 OST - Gloria Fatalis https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aV895JnEMZI&list=PLyE7G_SkVSWw41iW7ycTl2bCLNDhPTcT7&index=10 6) And the last one, the one i loved from the start GunGirl 2 OST - No Looking Back! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N6ki91dk57M&list=PLyE7G_SkVSWw41iW7ycTl2bCLNDhPTcT7&index=2 Have you listened to any of them? ______ I need more remixes from this awesome ost ('i dont like all parts, only those i mentioned).
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