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  1. Hello,
    In order to discover some gems that nobody knows about, i thought we could make a mega thread, where everybody can share what he thinks is a remix that has not been noticed and hadn't been reconized enough.

    I will start with this one, i discovered it few minutes ago :

    Note : you can move the topic to the appropriate subforum, if this is not the right one

  2. Hello,
    It's about this remix :


    I wandered if it was possible to extend this part : 2:41 -> 3:19, even more. And making it "stronger" more intense, and maybe longer.

    Few exampes of the types of "intense" i am thinking about :

    1) THis kinda "acceptable" dubstepy music :


    2) This one at the end at 3:05


    3) This one is maybe most fitted, at 1:52

    either making the music i linked at the beginnong even longer in its build up, or "more powerful" or both, whiever is the style.

    Good luck who ever like to make these.
    Good day

    Edit: Third example was the wrong one, fixed it.

  3. Hello,

    Could someone explain to me why there are no remixes for the awesome littles pieces we can find in that soundtrack ?
    Examples :

    1) GunGirl 2 OST - 12-Gauge Rave


    This one reminds of an awesome piece of music made by Jim Guthrie, it has many parts. Cant stop listening to it.

    2) GunGirl 2 OST - Phantasmagoria


    3) GunGirl 2 OST - Phantasmagoria Ex



    (this one reminds of the theme playing while prisscila yoma version appears on the anime CLAYMORE)


    4) GunGirl 2 OST - The Unforgiven

    This one is also great:


    5) GunGirl 2 OST - Gloria Fatalis


    6) And the last one, the one i loved from the start

    GunGirl 2 OST - No Looking Back!


    Have you listened to any of them?

    I need more remixes from this awesome ost ('i dont like all parts, only those i mentioned).


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