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  1. I filed a dispute, which the copyright owner (WMG) has 30 days to review.
  2. The OC ReMix piece "Kung-Fu Step" by Ezavskih has been incorrectly copyright claimed by WMG as "You're so Creepy" by Ghost Town at 1:22 to 1:33 in this video of mine. (Note: I always credit OC ReMix in both my videos and video descriptions when I use OC ReMix content in my YouTube videos.) So, does this happen much to people who use OC ReMix content in their YouTube videos?
  3. Hello, ReMixers. I'm thinking some of you may find my VGM transcriptions/sheet music arrangements useful. Here is a list of the ones I've done so far: My Lover—The Revenge of Shinobi [Mega Drive/Genesis] Chinatown—The Revenge of Shinobi [Mega Drive/Genesis] Terrible Beat—The Revenge of Shinobi [Mega Drive/Genesis] Metal Squad [Stage 8]—Thunder Force IV [Mega Drive/Genesis] Mission 4—Gaiares [Mega Drive/Genesis] Mission 7/Boss 1—Gaiares [Mega Drive/Genesis] Mission 8—Gaiares [Mega Drive/Genesis] The Execution Ground [Level 1]—Ghouls
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