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  1. It was put on the internet as a video and it was saved (and probably deleted) on a computer that has probably become obsolete to time. I no longer have the computer. I estimate this was a decade old or close to a decade old. I am not aware of any accounts I had that still exist that house these early attempts at writing FL Studio pieces. The description I can give, however, is this: it was a fast paced piece, 160 BPM, with lots of double bass pedal, snare, and no hi-hat! There was a crash cymbal. There were a lot of stock FL Studio synthesizer/ambient washes, a stock "metal chord" kind of soun
  2. I really just made this new account to clarify that I was a kid at the time who had absolutely no knowledge of how to read, write, or play music... other than the drum set. That would be why the drums were the only thing that was doing sort of what they were supposed to be doing. I had become a music enthusiast and wanted to make it. This was right at the beginning of my attempts... quickly I was overwhelmed by exactly how much went into writing songs. It honestly is good I had no idea how to write what kind of garbage I was thinking up at the time. This was just one example- inspired by stone
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