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  1. Unfortunately we do not have a pre-made midi format for anything, I apologize. We don't have an actual audio person on staff and we outsourced our composition. That said, I attempted some midi conversions on my own. If they help with anything, that's great. But in all honesty, we've basically hit my own expertise limit on this front. Haha. Sorry. Midis: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1bIGaP8aAHw47BTtKQRfSnLinH9rGiSrC Glad to see there's some interest in this, though.
  2. Hello there. I the producer for a little indie game dev with a game coming out soon (i.e. within the next month). It's a short game, but we're releasing the soundtrack to go along with it. Partly thanks to the whole pandemic we've missed a release deadline. To try to make it up to our potential customers and the small, but dedicated, fans we've accrued during this development cycle we were thinking of ways to make it up to them. One thing we're doing is that we were going to include a blooper reel of our voice actors' flubs and ad-libs as part of the 'deluxe edition', but we've decided to rele
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