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  1. Yeah, that's where I normally get stuck. I get in the habit of improvising too much, and it doesn't sound like a remix anymore...

    Go with the flow! improv is what makes a good mix! if the mix is original and varied to the source it works well. I have heard remixes what only use one riff of a melody and still work well. it just needs to be reconisable that its that game, as it is its cool. but if you added some improv sections it would be awesome.

    This style of music has alot of scope. go with the flow! :)

  2. Will these remixes include the original boss tunes from Sonic 3 or only those from Sonic & Knuckles?

    As for knuckles, I decided not to use his theme because it's minimal. But if enough people really want to have kunckles theme on this, I may consider having it on. but I feel 25 tracks it enough.

    Err.. if people work it right Knuckles' Sonic 3 theme can be classed as the Sonic 3 midboss theme. seeing as it was the same percussion. I would love more mixes if that boss theme. I know this is way old. I just realised where the topic was. I have been looking in the site projects forum wondering why I can see nothing about the project. :oops:

    Its at times like this I wish I had more time to really learn how to mix ;_;

    And Rayza that Azure Lake demo mix is sweet!

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