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  1. Thanks for the info. I hope pro tools allows you to assign to keyboard for midi triggering, otherwise manually drawing the notes would take forever.
  2. By some guy midierror. 'Midierror's deluxe chip shop'. Can someone direct me to a guide on how to import all these samples into a Daw to use? I'm with logic pro. Thank you. https://rhythm-lab.com/chipshop-deluxe
  3. i am a sorta musically-inclined & just upgraded my 11 yearold rig to a `19 mini i7 with 64G ram(almost at a steal price). Reason for the ram insanity is because of the supercheap monthly composer cloud x subscription, orchestral sound libraries need a buttload of ram.... & i now have 1.25T of eastwest sample libraries that kick ass. What i want now is a good 8bit plugin that wont have me install a proprietary downloader just to download one freakin vst... Few months ago while i was looking for chiptune/8bit plugin VST's i ran across a guy who was creator os some videogame music and is selling his everything sounds & synths he had developed for this game. Bunch of different synths and all the presets he had come up with during the development. I was dumb and didnt bookmark or save the youtube(i think it was youtube) video link! Now i cant find it for nothin & Super audio cart with its downloader is pissing me off... every freakin vst developer wants to install a stupid loader on my machine, i would rather not. If anybody knows about this guy, i dont remember the name of the game either.., would be greatly appreciated. Id like to get into chiptuning as well, or fusion chip, and if i could save a shit ton of time building my own presets it would be great. Thank you, & here are all(three) of my tunes to check out if you like. Two on soundcloud, the first one is (my son did) is using the east-west HollywoodStrings; and the second one is done by me all synths. https://soundcloud.com/user-481656111/tracks Third one all real instrument except for drums it's the Ezx from toontrack. https://www.showcaseyourmusic.com/artist/49692/cristian Here's the link to the EW composercloudx: http://www.soundsonline.com/composercloud This is just a fun hobby for me, as is for most here. By the way, google sucks ass, its delisting every website except for their pay-for-service asshole friends. Cheers!
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