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  1. i am a sorta musically-inclined & just upgraded my 11 yearold rig to a `19 mini i7 with 64G ram(almost at a steal price).  Reason for the ram insanity is because of the supercheap monthly composer cloud x subscription, orchestral sound libraries need a buttload of ram....  & i now have 1.25T of eastwest sample libraries that kick ass.  What i want now is a good 8bit plugin that wont have me install a proprietary downloader just to download one freakin vst...

    Few months ago while i was looking for chiptune/8bit plugin VST's i ran across a guy who was creator os some videogame music and is selling his everything sounds & synths he had developed for this game.  Bunch of different synths and all the presets he had come up with during the development.  I was dumb and didnt bookmark or save the youtube(i think it was youtube) video link!   Now i cant find it for nothin & Super audio cart with its downloader is pissing me off... every freakin vst developer wants to install a stupid loader on my machine, i would rather not.

    If anybody knows about this guy, i dont remember the name of the game either.., would be greatly appreciated.  Id like to get into chiptuning as well, or fusion chip, and if i could save a shit ton of time building my own presets it would be great.


    Thank you, & here are all(three) of my tunes to check out if you like.

               Two on soundcloud, the first one is (my son did) is using the east-west HollywoodStrings;

                  and the second one is done by me all synths.  https://soundcloud.com/user-481656111/tracks

               Third one all real instrument except for drums it's the Ezx from toontrack.  https://www.showcaseyourmusic.com/artist/49692/cristian

    Here's the link to the EW composercloudx:  http://www.soundsonline.com/composercloud

    This is just a fun hobby for me, as is for most here.

    By the way, google sucks ass, its delisting every website except for their pay-for-service asshole friends.



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