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  1. I use a Mac, how can I edit tags? Does iTunes have a way to edit ID3v2?
  2. Live piano that I'm going to play. I'm hoping it sounds good.
  3. Well...I don't have any recorded WIP yet...but I have been working on the arrangement. I'm planning on the first minute or so of mine to be piano solo. Thats mostly done, I just have to record it. The second part of the mix I have to figure out what instruments I want and the general style.
  4. Ok yea, I am going to do the Title Theme. I have some ideas for it, well one. I just hope it will be good enough.
  5. I was actually thinking about doing the title screen. I loved this game so much, still do. I just have a question: If I do deside to remix the title screen, would I only have till March 1st for the WIP deadline, since I'd be joining so late? Cause I still have to learn how to play the song and come up with an idea of what to do with it.