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  1. This is gonna be a WEIRD one. I'm already writing a bunch of rap battles, but Mad Jack (DK64) vs Monty Gator (FNAF: Security Breach) struck me as having a seriously cool opportunity for a remix behind it. I'm going to need three different roles here: someone (or multiple people) to help me mix Mad Jack's battle theme realistically with Golf Swamp (the closest thing I could find to a dedicated Monty theme), someone to help with lyrics, and someone to play Monty in the actual battle. I might come back with some other battle ideas, but this is a start! (yes I was inspired by Steele's "Mad Jack's Drop" don't at me) PM or comment if you're interested!
  2. Yeah, bet you didn't know that a Petz game could have a battle theme, did you? Truth be, this is one of my favorite songs ever- Jacob Kaufmann nailed the "dark overlord" feeling- and I hope you feel something like that after listening! I think this game's entire soundtrack could use some love, but it's understandably missed because of how different it is from the other Petz titles. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0JJB6sS69cI
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