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  1. I haven't posted on these forums in ages, but this is exactly the kind of ReMix that should get me to come out of lurk mode.

    Masterfully arranged, skillfully and beautifully performed, the recording and mastering are exactly in line with what you would expect to hear from the style being represented... seriously, if this is the shape of things to come from The OC Jazz Collective, I am anxiously awaiting their next release. Hopefully this succeeds in exposing the community to more jazz, and generates more interest in the genre! Instrumental jazz is my soul music; it's what I listen to when I need to relax, clear my head, or get work done. To hear it so accurately portrayed while also paying tribute to my other true love, video game music...

    ...well, to put it simply, it brings a smile to my face and joy to my heart. Fantastic work.

  2. hey everyone, just wanted to apologize for my disappearance/lack of participation in the compo lately. Between halc's wedding, upcoming live shows & travel, and quite frankly being completely broke and unable to pay my bills, my priorities unfortunately had to shift. I've been working hard, nonstop, but... just not on this compo. I know a lot of people were hoping I would give 100%, and I regret not being able to, but I've had a ton of fun regardless! thanks peeps :)

  3. not to beat a dead, not-clipping horse, but this might blow your minds: my track didn't have any bitcrushing in it

    so yeah, now the mystery and intrigue of that one split second of my mix is back to an all-time high

    finally getting around to downloading the mixes this round and I can't wait to hear them!! again, best of luck to everyone

    edit: oh, oh, we cannot talk about clipping without bring up THIS FUCKIN GUY

  4. Ben you proably need to read back on the previous posts. I didn't once say it gives an unfair advantage. Firstly, I was just agreeing with KT that it's probably not a good idea to post your tracks early because people can see what you're up to (for better or worse). I didnt say anything about it being for or agianst the rules, or that a rule should/shouldn't apply. Where are you getting this from? You made the arguments for/against it, not me bro.

    Likely you're mad because you posted your mix first in this thread and thought that we were talking about you. Seriously we aren't referring to you at all and I apologise if you got that impression. Cool your jets bro. Win with grace.

    oh no, I didn't take it personally or think you were talking about me at all. no worries there. perhaps you are misinterpreting my tone?

    you said, "people really should be keeping their tracks quiet until they are posted by Darke to keep things clean."

    I was simply disagreeing with the implications of that last bit, about keeping things clean, but obviously I misunderstood you somewhat

    anyway, I promise I'm not upset with you or anyone, or even being defensive for any specific reason. I just wanted to weigh in on the matter because I don't see any issue with allowing people the freedom to do what they want with their music during the compo. people were talking about what should and shouldn't be done, and I decided to share my own viewpoint.

    hopefully that clears things up, I really wasn't trying to be inflammatory I just wanted to make a point (however irrelevant it ended up being) :)

  5. Agreed, people really should be keeping their tracks quiet until they are posted by Darke to keep things clean.

    I disagree here, literally anything can sway votes, before or after the tracks are "public"

    by that logic, posting remix reviews, posting about your track in the thread while you're making it ("my track is really sounding awesome so far", or "Team ___ is really bringing their A-game"), and inviting new people to listen and vote should all be against the rules. Certainly doesn't make sense to me.

    that being said, I DON'T think that anyone should be asking their friends to vote for them. THAT is not cool and shouldn't be allowed imho

  6. alright, if you simply can't wait to hear some action, here's my track streaming on soundcloud:


    and as promised here's my source breakdown:

    0.00 : Metal Man + Original Melody

    0.28 : Bassline from Pirate Island, with Metal Man spliced in

    0.35 : Bass & Melody from Pirate Island

    0.42 : Chiptune joins in with Metal Man arpeggios

    0.50 : Metal Man breakdown with chippy bassline chopped from Pirate Island

    0.57 : Loud synth joins with 3 scale patterns from Pirate Island

    1.04 : more Metal Man & more of Pirate Island bassline

    1.18 : buildup based on Metal Man

    1.25 : plucked strings join with the intro/very first notes of Pirate Island

    1.32 : more Metal Man joins at half speed



    2.15 : back to Pirate Island bass & melody, with Metal Man spliced again

    2.29 : Chiptune joins with metal man arpeggios

    2:36 : Pirate Island continues with it's second part

    2:47 : and back to the intro (metal man + original melody)

    3.19 : END

  7. Thanks, sir! It was licensed through Joypad Records.

    correction: the loudr.fm version was licensed by Joypad. as far as I know, the bandcamp release was licensed through a separate pay-to-use service.

    not sure about iTunes but yeah I was told Joypad wasn't involved with the original Bandcamp release

    anyway, amphibious, if you release a video game remix album on loudr.fm, joypad takes 30% to cover licensing royalties AND hosting, so it's a pretty sweet deal.

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