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  1. God, catching legendaries is a pain in the ass.

    So I went to catch Regigigas because that's the only stationary legendary I hadn't caught yet, right? (I still need to find/catch Cresselia.) Well, first of all, Regigigas is a pain in the ass because you can't go in with your a-team, you have to transfer the Regis from Ruby or Sapphire and have them in your team, so you're three down. Anyway, the first time I get to him, I'm like "fuck, the Regis are in my Legendary box. D:!"

    So an Escape Rope and fifteen minutes later, I'm back.

    Anyway, save and battle. I get it down to minimal HP and paralyzed, and I just start hurling Ultra Balls. I've still got my Master, I just got in a habit of never using it once there was more than one major Legendary per game. Fifty-two Ultra Balls later, Regigigas uses Struggle, Regigigas took recoil damage, Regigigas fainted! D:

    Reset. I go back in. I lead out with Roserade instead of Absol so I can go ahead and paralyze it faster. Roserade uses Stun Spore FOUR TIMES, misses each time. Regigigas by this time has landed a Stomp, and now uses Superpower, Roserade faints. So I send Absol out, land one Night Slash before Regigigas uses Superpower once again, and the super-effective move it is, Absol goes down. Go, Milotic! Milotic uses Surf a few times, and Regigigas is where I want it HP-wise, so I Recover and start hurling Ultra Balls. Well, four turns later, Regigigas crits on Superpower, takes out Milotic. Go, Regirock! Regirock stalls me a few turns while I Revive Roserade and Milotic. While Regirock is out, I learn that I have one Dusk Ball in my inventory, and since I'm in a cave, it'll be 4x effective compared to Ultra's 2x. Throw it: no dice.

    Regirock finally succumbs to constant Stomping. So I send out Roserade again, this time Stun Spore lands first time I use it, but Regigigas manages to hit me once again with a critical Superpower. It's not very effective, but it's effective enough. So I send out Milotic again, throw several Ultra Balls to no avail, and by this time I'm getting restless with the battle, so I throw a regular Poké Ball just for the hell of it.


    I swear, what the hell.

    Fight me again.

  2. Yeah well I'm still a ninja and can probably take all of you at once, and decapitate you and disappear in a puff of smoke. You other ninjas know what I'm talking about.

    Join us or be ashamed. Those are the two choices presented to you. Or don't get in our way and stay the same. That is a choice, too, I guess.

  3. I'm way more excited for the new Star Trek to be made by the Lost creator and features Syler from Heroes as Spock. That sounds like a line of a joke, but I'm sold already.

    A mysterious ship that disappears before we could confirm its origin? Is that a Klingon fighter with five wings? That isn't regulation! Who could be manning it? What is Bones hiding in the medical lab? Flashback flashforward


  4. Moving stages take the focus away from playing well and put it on avoiding falling off. They make for poor stages.

    Just because "smash brothers" doesn't make much sense doesn't mean you shouldn't put effort into level design and balance.

    and I would not bat an eyelash if Mother 3 is released with more Japanese names. It's happened before, and a simple name difference isn't much of an idicator of a non-release.

  5. I like all the press and the images and the posters and most of Heath Ledger (though I think the Joker should be narrower... Brody-like)...

    But the trailers leave me wanting.

    It seems way too shallow.

    Gas, fight, fight.

    I hope they ensure some depth to it.

  6. uh no i enter the thread hoping to see some discussion about super smash brothers brawl since the thread is entitled super smash bros brawl and i see only posts about mega man and honestly i really dont think hed make a good character in brawl all hed do is make all you silly fanboys asplode with uncontrollable joy not because of the type of character he is but only because of the existence of him and i dont agree with that reasoning


    I can asplode if I want to.

  7. I just wanted to update this "Wii raincheck program" that megadave brought up with information from my boss at GameStop. All of this refers to just our GameStop in Ohio from what I know, so many other stores may be doing things differently.

    We are allotted 24 "rainchecks," that's it. Instead of being Thursday and Friday, we are only accepting orders on Friday the 21st, and we will probably hit 24 orders by 10 a.m., an hour after we open. All indications are that this will be some sort of disaster one way or another, mostly because of poor communication or lack of information. For instance, this article doesn't mention that there is a limit to the number of rainchecks, so many people will be out of luck, and they will be very mad at GameStop.

    Also, if every GameStop gets 24 Wiis each, he said that the total is only about 10,000 Wiis, which is clearly not enough to appease the masses.

    Needless to say, my manager is pretty upset at GameStop corporate over this whole thing. Yes, I know that most of their business practices are usually questionable to say the least, but this one seems to be more Nintendo's fault.

    Luckily my nearby Ohio Gamestop is participating.

    Thanks for the info... I'll try to get a jump on it.

  8. [11:08:01 PM] Atma says: i hate events

    [11:08:06 PM] Arek says: sucks for you

    [11:08:08 PM] Arek says: cause i like them

    [11:08:11 PM] Atma says: :[

    [11:08:14 PM] Arek says: ps

    [11:08:15 PM] Arek says: your mom

    He got you good, chump!

    Clearly, this is not Mega Man. :cry:

    I thought I told you people not to use His name in vain again!

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