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  1. If you guys let me know when you want to fight, I'll usually agree to it. But I don't have the desire to chase anybody around online anymore... so I can't really guarantee my participation. Uhhh so "maybe"?
  2. I may be up for this. I'll try to stay in touch. SMAHS BROSSS yeah just kidding how about emulated Advance Wars or something? Or Super Bomberman 2?
  3. Secret of Evermore Crustacia Midi: http://www.vgmusic.com/music/console/nintendo/snes/soe-crustacia.mid The site gives you a warning message for clicking from an off-site location, but you can access the midi from that page itself.
  4. Yeah well I'm still a ninja and can probably take all of you at once, and decapitate you and disappear in a puff of smoke. You other ninjas know what I'm talking about. Join us or be ashamed. Those are the two choices presented to you. Or don't get in our way and stay the same. That is a choice, too, I guess.
  5. Guys, we are ignoring half of this conversation. I think the best cocks are black cocks, but then again, I am not very creative.
  6. These people, Darkesword, who are trying to coddle you... they are lying to you to make you feel better about your inadequecies. You are indeed the only person in the world who dislikes Borat.
  7. $150 (which suprised me), two pairs of work pants, and a shirt.
  8. Ohio, both Cleveland (originally) and Columbus (now)
  9. I thought of you as soon as I saw the thread title.
  10. -who cares item- One item move on
  11. A mysterious ship that disappears before we could confirm its origin? Is that a Klingon fighter with five wings? That isn't regulation! Who could be manning it? What is Bones hiding in the medical lab? Flashback flashforward TO BE CONTINUED IN STAR TREK 2: REALM OF ENDLESS ENIGMA
  12. Moving stages take the focus away from playing well and put it on avoiding falling off. They make for poor stages. Just because "smash brothers" doesn't make much sense doesn't mean you shouldn't put effort into level design and balance. and I would not bat an eyelash if Mother 3 is released with more Japanese names. It's happened before, and a simple name difference isn't much of an idicator of a non-release.
  13. I like all the press and the images and the posters and most of Heath Ledger (though I think the Joker should be narrower... Brody-like)... But the trailers leave me wanting. It seems way too shallow. Gas, fight, fight. I hope they ensure some depth to it.
  14. I really don't understand how they convinced me to do it... but they have gotten my $7. It is theirs and I hate them for it.
  15. Thier site will be down Or terrorists will steal their game progress Or a designer will accidentally mis-link it It can't be.
  17. BUY MY BOOK that said, buy his album
  18. Oddllama

    Nintendo Wii

    Luckily my nearby Ohio Gamestop is participating. Thanks for the info... I'll try to get a jump on it.
  19. He got you good, chump! I thought I told you people not to use His name in vain again!
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