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  1. Really enjoyed this one! Give a good mood. Great work!
  2. Very cool! Reminded me "those" WoW Blizzard cinematic trailer soundtracks - especially the beginning.
  3. Oh, thanks. It was a reference to mysticism. Suppose I got your idea right. It is a very interesting topic. One I was providing speech writing services for the local church students at https://edubirdie.com/speech-writing-service and I was fascinated by the fact that the church in medieval times had control over 80% of the body of knowledge of the world in Europe. So if you were a regular farmer guy, you could reach out to them as you can now after realizing that I have started to appreciate the modern world's benefits more.
  4. Just curious, why do you name it The Book? is it because it is a collection of Fugues? Sorry in advance for the dumb question.
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