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  1. he's saying that you should clone the channel, but set the clone to an FX channel that is empty.
  2. sorry if this is being asked again, but the explanation i got earlier didnt make any sense and i didnt bother following up in it because it wasnt a problem again, but now it is. i have a song, and it's *long*. if i try to modify a little 10 second section of panning that i didnt like, it erases the panning for the entire damned channel instead of just slipping the new panning in. it also does this when i skip ahead in the song to where the next instance of the track is so i can resume panning without having to wait three minutes through the song for it to get there, and it erases all panning.
  3. oh and another thing that happens that really pisses me off is my automation randomly gets deleted. i select Main Automation, hit the record button, and play through, and the volume automation gets recorded. i go in there and smooth it out, but randomly, when i come back later, it's all gone. most other tracks don't do this, and i'm not sure what's making this one do it.
  4. he means you have to get an illegal, full version. what i usually do is download a full version to see if i like it, then buy it when i have the funds if i do. gotta support the developers ya know
  5. ok i guess i spoke too soon. the problem came back when i reloaded the flp. the only volume adjustments i'm making are in the main automation, and i've checked its event editor for sporaticness, and there is none. i'm not making changes on the pattern itself anymore, and there aren't any other patterns using this channel.
  6. i figured out the problem. i was changing volume in both the channel automation and main automation. very bad. and REF, if i'm thinking about what you're trying to do correctly, all that you have to do is open the playlist by hitting F5, or clicking the shiny PL button to the right of the CPU monitor. there you can sequence your patterns in the order you want. give them meaningful names so you don't get confused (especially critical for 50+ pattern people like me ). also, you can move patterns up or down by holding alt and then pressing either up or down. to make it into an mp3/wav file, just
  7. hi... i have a song where a track is supposed to fade out, but as it starts to, the volume randomly leaps up, fades, leaps up again, then fades and totally ruins the effect. i checked the event editor, and there aren't any volume anomalies. there also aren't any other tracks using this channel, so there aren't any conflicts. the FX channel it's on doesn't modify the volume, and it only happens when i'm playing the whole song, not the pattern. does anyone know wtf is going on?
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