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  1. @Andy Frank You loved the first movie ? Great ! I think you will enjoy the sequel a lot too ! I'm filming everyday, it sometimes feels like it will never end... About the song : it won't be based on the first movie main theme. It's another melody, but I think it is a really catchy tune too. We will keep the original movie theme as part of the soundtrack, but there will be a lot of new stuff included too. You'd be interested in helping ? It sounds good to me. I listened to your video game cues on soundcloud.com. I think you're composing/arranging very good cues, but I'd like to listen to what your band and yourself are able to produce (writing/performing/recording-wise). Please contact me (kidicarus83@yahoo.fr), It would be good to have further talks with you ! Thanx Maxime
  2. There's no hurry in the song project. I forgot to mention the movie is premiering only in late June 2011 in a Lego Exhibition. If people are interested in the project, they can come and help later during the production process !
  3. Thanks for your comments ! You got to know this upcoming project is done in a much more professional way : we have a bigger team, a deeper screenplay, a professional recording studio helps us, we have a "go" from Lego themselves (!), the movie should be 25 minutes long, shot in full-HD... That's why I'm looking for help here, I really want the soundtrack to be great ! I'm sure there are some artists here who can do an awesome job with that song.
  4. @Darkesword, Thanks, I didn't see there was a "Recruit & Collaborate" section ! @Charlie's Angel This depends on what people need. If they want to buy new material or need to travel a bit for their recording I can send them some money (though it's a non-profit project and I don't plan to offer 10.000$ to people !) Their name will of course appear in the credits, and depending on how well the movie works in festivals and on internet, it's a good way to get some fame. And basically, I think working on an interesting and rather different kind of collaborative project is always a nice experience !
  5. Hello, 3 years ago, I released my first animated short on the internet : The audience liked it, and the movie won several prizes in festivals accross Europe. Now I'm preparing a sequel. Nearly half of it is already completed. I am lucky to work with wonderful actors, sound engineer, composer, set designers, CGI specialists... the movie is going to be way bigger than its predecessor ! What we need now, are some musicians... and as an ocremix freak myself, I thought I should ask here ! I know that many talented musicians are coming here regularly. I'd like to put a very special song into the soundtrack from the movie. Something that would sound like 60's / 70's music (let's say "Beatles-like"). The lead composer of the score has already written a nice melody that *could* be used as the tune for the song, and we'd like to collaborate with a band that would write lyrics (in English), perform and record this song. In a pure 60's/70's fashion. It doesn't have to be a band, we can even imagine individual people around the world working together to make the song. If you're interested and want more information, contact me here : kidicarus83@yahoo.fr Thank you ! Maxime
  6. It took me about 4 months to get everything right. I am really glad to see that many people appreciate this short. I'm planning to do a "sequel" (not really a sequel, but a new adventure for Henri & Edmond), which will be bigger, but I really need money and time to do such a thing ! And of course, as I'm a great fan of ocremix.org, I will probably come back here to ask OCremixers to write some songs or remixes for the next episode !
  7. Thanks for all your comments. I just wanted to say that the movie won an audience award at the Ose ce Court french film festival in Bischheim near Strasburg ! Next step : the festival "7 days for the 7th art" in Colmar, France. The movie will be screened on wednesday october 15th at 8pm. And last but not least : the International Short Film Festival in Uppsal, Sweden ! The movie will be screened 2 times on october 24th and 25th ! I hope to see some ocremixers there ! Maxime
  8. tobmaps, "Clara Sterling" is of course a reference to Thomas harris' Hannibal. I was surprised nobody noticed it before ! Die hard fans will also notice some references to Ridley Scott's movie Hannibal, especially the "Henri's face/off" shot. I'd say Clara has a superficial resemblance to Julianne Moore, but this is only my opinion. Vladimir's line "Me would like you be main course" was written on Lecter's "I'm giving very serious thoughts to eating your wife".
  9. About the spinning axe : I really launched it and followed it with my camera. lol In fact, I was holding the axe myself in the right direction for each position, fingers off screen. I added motion blur in post-production... That was pretty easy to do. In fact, "noticeable shots" were mostly done quickly and easily, while some "regular shots" were sometimes horribly long to create.
  10. Thanks for the support guys ! Anthonium, this movie took more than 4 months to create (not talking about the script writing or the animation learning)... It was not an "all-day-long" work since I had other projets, but I'd say it was 3 to 4 hours of work every day from November to March. I'm sorry, I was not able to translate Henri's last quote (the one that makes Clara laugh). It's a pretty dumb joke, something you'd never say to a girl you've just met. Any other question ? If I am able to find a producer, I'll do more episodes... Thanks again ! Maxime studiosepsilon@yahoo.com
  11. Anybody for a title theme remix? lol studiosepsilon@yahoo.com
  12. Hi Everybody, I'm a long time observer on this site, and today I wanna share one of my works with you. This is a stop-motion movie with legos. I received some funds to create it, this movie's a pilot for what could be an upcoming mini-series on the net. Why I am coming on a game music forum to post the movie link? Because the score composer and myself are both nostalgic of the 8bits video games era, and you'll notice the use of NES sample instruments in the soundtrack. Those oldschool samples sounded right in this movie. Even the ending chase sequence is scored like an oldschool "boss battle". Check it here : http://www.brickfilms.com/films/3914 The movie's in french, but don't worry, I added english subtitles ! Maxime studiosepsilon@yahoo.fr
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