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  1. Well, I've been inspired over the past few years by some of the great Hydrocity mixes I've heard from

    , and, of course, housethegrate's
    . I have made a few attempts at arrangements over the years but have felt that I've taken a significant leap recently as far as production values go so I'm deciding to post something for a change.

    I've done this almost entirely from memory and started with the B section when putting this together. I also wanted to go for an 80s sound through and through, which has lead to a lot of synth usage throughout thus far. Still a serious work in progress and much is to be done, but I did want to show it off and see if anybody had any input, comments, praise, criticisms, or pure hatred regarding what is done so far!


  2. For everybody putting themselves and their abilities down before the competition even starts, just keep in mind that I (a virtual nobody around here) gave Zircon (the reigning champ) a run for his money in the first round of the last tournament. I ended up losing, but I had a lot of fun doing it. I actually loved the idea of the revenge round but it wasn't organized and maintained as well as the main bracket which was a bummer.

    Anyway, I guess I'll throw my hat into this even though I don't care for most of the later X games' music. Maybe I'll find some new appreciation for those songs or something:

    1) Boomer Kuwanger (X)

    2) Flame Mammoth (X)

    3) Spark Mandrill (X)

    PS. I'm intending on getting past the first round this time, with the ultimate goal being beating Zircon down if he's entered up

  3. Austin St. John was the only 40 year-old Power Ranger

    Not to hijack this thread away from Gary Coleman, but I just checked wikipedia and the dude is only 34 now. Maybe I'm missing some type of in-joke here or something though?

  4. Don't you guys think you sound kind of lame when you say "THIS RAPED MY CHILDHOOD". I mean, it's only like one of the most melodramatic internet forum cliches ever.

    Anyway, movie was alright. Good effort on a low budget, certainly better than most would ever be able to go through with and pull off so I'll give him props for that. It got a bit tired with the find bad guy, fight, repeat. The dude playing Wily looks like he really cared and invested himself in his role and every time he was off screen I was patiently awaiting his return. The actress for Roll was bad, but I actually really disliked Dr. Light's actor. He seemed way too distant and...I don't know. He just seemed really off to me.

    Anyway, big thumbs up to the dude that played Wily.

  5. Just sent my revenge round mix in. Unfortunately, between having to take care of a sick family member and then getting sick myself, my best friend surprising everybody by showing up back at home for the weekend before he leave for Afghanistan, shoveling out of two snow storms, and thinking about Valentine's Day crap, my song is very incomplete.

    As a matter of fact, you won't find any of my opponent's theme in my song! It was fun while it lasted though :(

  6. I had a thought too on how to progress, but I'm sure Doni won't like it as much :(

    What if you take the people who were eliminated in round 2 and match them up in their own revenge round and once two emerge as victors there, they match up against the two winners from this revenge round. Then those two can go on to face the two from the semi-finals of the main bracket.

    That's another two revenge round fights which will lead to a 1on1 revenge round. The winner of that can face the runner up of the main brackets and that battle can decide who gets one last shot at the winner of the main brackets.

    That's my suggestion anyway!

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