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  1. Well, I've been inspired over the past few years by some of the great Hydrocity mixes I've heard from , , and, of course, housethegrate's . I have made a few attempts at arrangements over the years but have felt that I've taken a significant leap recently as far as production values go so I'm deciding to post something for a change.I've done this almost entirely from memory and started with the B section when putting this together. I also wanted to go for an 80s sound through and through, which has lead to a lot of synth usage throughout thus far. Still a serious work in progress and much is to be done, but I did want to show it off and see if anybody had any input, comments, praise, criticisms, or pure hatred regarding what is done so far! http://ralphis.unidoom.org/stuff/hydrocity.mp3
  2. Sounds like a Justin Timberlake song or something haha
  3. The Emotions - Best of my Love & Sonic 1 Labyrinth Zone (B section) Noticed a similarity when I was like a 6 year old in the car with my Dad and heard the former song on the radio
  4. Love the chord structures and overall sound but, like the previous poster mentioned, this could definitely use some more bottom to drive the track. The high pitched bells really didn't bother me personally, I loved the song. Very early 90s
  5. My mix is in, that's another one down
  6. Well I'm taking this opportunity to not only -not- drop out, but to tell you that my mix should be done in the next day or so here. I'm sorry that this slipped my mind, but mine is almost done and I should be turning it in before the end of this weekend.
  7. Deadline has been extended to Wednesday: Go Go!! =D

  8. Welp! Didn't even notice the competition started so I'm working on short notice but I'm pretty familiar with Boomer's theme since I've remixed it for one about 900 times so we'll see if I can cook something up in between working on my Megaman 9 Remix track this weekend
  9. For everybody putting themselves and their abilities down before the competition even starts, just keep in mind that I (a virtual nobody around here) gave Zircon (the reigning champ) a run for his money in the first round of the last tournament. I ended up losing, but I had a lot of fun doing it. I actually loved the idea of the revenge round but it wasn't organized and maintained as well as the main bracket which was a bummer. Anyway, I guess I'll throw my hat into this even though I don't care for most of the later X games' music. Maybe I'll find some new appreciation for those songs or something: 1) Boomer Kuwanger (X) 2) Flame Mammoth (X) 3) Spark Mandrill (X) PS. I'm intending on getting past the first round this time, with the ultimate goal being beating Zircon down if he's entered up
  10. Does anyone know if K. Rool and his crocs are going to show back up in this? I've seen no indication of this in the trailer. Are they owned by Rare??
  11. 4/4 and 3/4 are cool and great. but 7/4 rules
  12. Not to hijack this thread away from Gary Coleman, but I just checked wikipedia and the dude is only 34 now. Maybe I'm missing some type of in-joke here or something though?
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