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  1. yo whats up long time no see

  2. Mirror's Edge, on XBOX 360 and PS3, and Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII for PSP are both worthy of some remixing action, I think. The former essentially only has one major theme (which includes vocals) and the rest of the game is either riffs on this or ambient stuff. Crisis Core also only has (I think) one theme to mix that's new to the game, the rest of the music being reinterpretations of FFVII tracks. Anyone who's played these games will know what I'm talking about, so I'm not going to attempt to figure out the actual track listings I'm referring to.
  3. Dj mokram, KyleJCRB, thanks a lot. I have the file. I have no idea where you found it Kyle, I searched all through the Dwelling of Duels site and couldn't find it. By the way, it's not necessary now since Kyle found a direct link to the file, but Dj inadvertently provided me with another solution. I was Googling audacity and I stumbled across another site, http://dowint.net/. If you check it out, it actually allows you to download mp3s and videos from several web sites that don't allow direct downloads (including goear and youtube). Pretty handy.
  4. One last bump. I'm on aim right now (damathacus), would be awesome if anyone could send it to me.
  5. Update: I've found the song, but can't download it! http://www.goear.com/listen.php?v=14166a0 Anyone have it?
  6. I'm looking for a mix that was part of a contest on one of the related sites (I'm not sure which one, possibly oneupstudios?) on MGS3. The particular one I'm looking for was a punk remix of the main theme (Snake Eater), with awesome punk female vocals. I haven't been able to google it, and I'm afraid my copy of the file was buried with my last computer. Does anyone have any idea where I can download the song, or is anyone able and willing to send me the file themselves if they have it? I'm on aim, damathacus.
  7. I'm also needing to take a leave. I plan on getting lucky this weekend. But the whole time, I promise I'll really be thinking about chess.
  8. I've come to bring sexy back. I'll be over various oceans for much of the next few days, but then maybe we can have some hot, steamy chess? I'm looking at you margo.
  9. That's weird, because I could swear the board says we already had our game and I served you an embarrassing defeat. Or maybe I'm thinking of the last tourney. No, wait, in the last tourney I served you two embarrassing defeats. So hard to keep track.
  10. So, as I said, I'll be in Thailand, so I need to sit this one out. Have fun, though.
  11. i'm e4uinke fe5 drunkkkkkkkkkk happy new year !!!!!!
  12. I give up on Falchion and Ifirit. If they wanna play, they know where to find me. Otherwise I'm done.
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