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  1. I think I know what you're after here with the rough, live, spirited recording. And I think it could be very good with some work. Lyrics are fine, music is fine. Just practice until you can get the breaths right and try not to shout... so much. :)

  2. I like the beginning, it reminds me of Terminator.

    I'm not able to remember the source very well, but I'm not really hearing any kind of melody in this and I know Metroid Prime don't skimp on melody.

    Nice, though.

    The source is pretty scarce, actually. 8O

    As for the mix, this is really not bad at all for what it is, which at the moment is a background track. You'll have to work in an appreciable melody if you want this to be something else.

    The arpeggiated filter notes, opposite to most songs, actually start out on the annoying side and become legitimized as the song progresses, especially at 2:40 when they come in for the second time. Not bad.

    The beat is variable and pretty good, and the song is catchy. I've had it on loop for a bit while working and it's passed the replay test, although you'll need a better ending.

    Lots of potential here, just keep working.

  3. Wow, you've come a long way since the last mix you submitted. In that respect, great job.

    Alright to the remix:

    This isn't too bad at all, but as far as holding the listener's interest it doesn't quite deliver. I really like the chord progression you've got going on, but at around 2:30 the bassline begins to get repetitive. As far the instrumentation, the guitar I think could stay synth if you beef it up a bit, but the piano should probably be played live. This is such a simple melody with even simpler left hand accompaniment that the easiest way to get the proper phrasing and feeling from the piece is by playing it yourself. It makes a huge difference.

    I'd also say you need to bring this mix up to the next level by increasing the tempo a bit and adding some or all of the following: countermelodies, an original melody, or, my personal suggestion - vocals. You could easily lay some vocals over this track. It already sounds like it was made for them. You've even got a built-in instrumental solo at 1:52. Quality has to be high, though, as bad voices or cheesy lyrics can kill a song. Think about it and good luck!

  4. I never said it couldn't be liberal. There is a limit to how liberal something is. Serenade of water is 5 seconds, but we have a remix of that, don't we? Song of Storms is 5 seconds, and we have a mix of that, right?

    I'm not going to go any further than to say that neither of those songs is five seconds long (Serenade of Water: 18 seconds; Song of Storms: 21 seconds) and that neither of them contain only six notes in the entire melody as this source does. But I'd be happy to hear your explanation of the "limit to how liberal something is" or your ideas for "metal mario dominance."

  5. First of all, in response to neb, the metal Mario source is only 14 seconds long, of which only 7 seconds contain any melody. So there is no question a remix of this song will be "liberal."

    I think you've gone above and beyond here as far as experimenting with new ways to treat the source. As for the final product, however, it's fun and creative but not ready for submission. Production values need to improve and you need to present a more coherent, balanced remix. The voice parts about Italians, which I'm assuming you recorded yourself, are actually a nice touch alongside the bombastic sound effects. It all adds up to a kind of shnabubula-ish sound, but if you decide to go that route you'll need to up the tempo and get even more frenetic to keep things interesting and overcome the limited source.

    Is this worth working on? Yes, anything is. You can't help but learn as you go.

    Is it worth submitting? Not yet, and it might never be, considering the difficulty of the source.

    Is it worth listening to? Yes, it's fun, and you can tell that you've put a good amount of time and work into it.

    Good luck with this, but if you decide to start something new with a different song I don't think anyone would blame you. It's a tough source, and you've got balls to take it on.

  6. Well hello again everyone. I've been ridiculously busy with work and school lately, but I've managed every now and then to work on this track. Like the last time I revised it, it sounds significantly different.

    Hope you all like the changes. I think I might be in the running for having the longest-living WIP on the board, so hopefully I can bow out of that race when I sub it soon.

    Listen to v5 here.

  7. Couldn't listen to this with headphones, but what I heard was pretty good. I like the improvisation idea in the beginning, but it ended up sounding like an orchestra warming up with so many instruments competing at the same volume. Pushing some forward and others back would help tremendously, as I believe you are already planning to do.

    As for the rest, I don't think the Gemini Man bass line rhythm can go for that long, honestly. IMO, it really doesn't matter how many cool free form solo runs you have if it's all being layered on top of four alternating double bass notes in the same rhythm. This gets pretty evident toward the end of the song. Consequently, I think the frenetic intro actually ended up being more interesting.

    I do like it, though, overall, and rest assured, I listened to the whole thing before commenting.

  8. Well, this mix certainly gets off to a slow start. Ideally there should be something appetizing within the first minute to get the listener excited, but I'm not quite hearing it yet.

    At 1:30 there's some meat, and I'm assuming this is where you'll be doing the choir work since what's here is largely identical to the source. Are you going to change this up or stick to the recipe?

    The chunkier industrial sound at 2:22 is great, and will probably define the song. As far as combining orchestra and electronica, I think you'd find the work of

    pretty inspiring. Definitely something to chew on.

    Overall, I think this mix has a lot of potential, but it's a little undercooked. You've treated it differently than other remixes of this song, but so far there's nothing really substantial to set it apart. I wouldn't desert what you've got, but some new writing or even new phrasing of the melody would go a long way towards satisfying the listener.

    :wink: :wink:

  9. Alright, I can see where you guys are coming from, I just didn't personally feel in listening to his track that the clap or vox were "deal breakers." But I did think the repetition, lopsided EQ balance, and weak percussion were, which are all relatively easy fixes. That's just my opinion. Like I said, I agreed with the resub decision, I just guess for different(ish) reasons.

    Anyway, I'll let Meteo get back to his thread.

  10. I'd say this is why you aren't a judge. :lol:

    I guess I was mistaken for having an opinion on such a subjective matter as music, LT. I certainly didn't know about the "no clap" rule or that the vox can't sound anything like the source material itself.

    And here's another opinion of mine: sure, I was honest and inflammatory in my post, but your haughty response is surprising when you NOed this mix in seven sentences and your first and biggest criticism was the largely insignificant clap. I suppose it's hard to fit any sort of constructive criticism into so few words?

    And nine times out of ten, "not to be condescending, but" translates to "I'm about to be condescending." :-|

  11. Just out of curiosity, which ones do you feel are undeserving of posting? You're entitled to your opinion and I'm not here to argue or insult you. But you obviously feel strongly about this. Please, share.

    Also, I was kidding about the title. Seriously.

    I will PM my opinions to you, BGC. I did comment on one or two of those remixes' discussion pages. I don't want to call others out by name on Meteo's thread, but I wanted to point out that it seems the judging standards are bouncing around quite a bit. That may due to the panel effect, or the fact that this mix only saw three judges, I don't know. But like I said before, I don't think Meteo needs to be nearly so overwhelmed. There are a couple things to fix (for free) and he needs to resub.

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