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  1. This ReMix really does the Mute City theme justice. I, personally, like the intro, but I can see how some would find it too loud, and I don't think that it's overdone at all. It fits very well with the game. I don't particularly like that little weirdness around 2:14-2:16 because I have no idea why it's there. It just sounds added. I always found it odd that the "city with no sound" had the coolest music out of all of the tracks that I played. My cart kept loosing track of my scores and such, so I never got very far unless I played all the way through without turning it off. I also kept loosing my low times on all of the tracks, which was VERY frustrating.
  2. So, was the song ever transcribed? If so, where can I get a copy? Also, I can't seem to load joek.org. Are the other pieces up anywhere else? I would love to hear them.