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  1. Is there anyway to make a midi file into a .wav or .mp3 file? I really need to add some effects to a midi file i got but you cant, so i though maybe u can make it into a .wav file and then add effects!
  2. Hey, I have this problem! That's what I get for buying FL full. I downloaded plug-ins from kaaza. Maybe you can get it from DC 2
  3. Yea, it was a waste of your time because it didnt help me at all but thanks for trying to help me and this time ill try to explain better The midi file i work with have a faster tempo than what fruity loops have. The metronome has a slower tempo than the midi song, so if i add drums it wont have the right tempo for the midi. But other songs ive worked with had the same tempo as the metronome and i can add drums without any tempo problems. Here are the songs im talking about: http://www.zophar.net/gym/gaxe2.rar They are in .gym format. Number 3 is a song that DOESNT have the same tempo as the metronome in fruity loops, but number 4 got the exact tempo and you can add drums without any problems at all(thats how i want all of my midi songs to be). So is there anyway to get the same tempo as the midi song for the metronome(like in song number 4)? I would be really happy if you guys could help me with this and thanks alot ! P.S. I used a singlekick(packs/extras/c_kick), not a sample with loops of kicks!
  4. I loaded a midi file and i tried to add some kicks to it but the kicks were to slow and it sounded terrible! The song and the kicks didnt have the same tempo. How do i change the kicks tempo without changing the songs tempo, and how do i know what tempo its gonna be? Thx !
  5. Thx alot Xelebes, but i have a even more noobish question. Everytime i try to save my work i get a warning that says: Some of the Fruityloops plugins used for this project are limited demo versions. They will be deleted before saving the file. Continue saving? Should i download other plugins or what? thx for helping me.
  6. Im working on a "sad" song and i use a solo piano in the beginning but each note is very long and i want the volume to get lower after each note so it would seem that the notes are falling and i want echoes with it. Thx!
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