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  1. ahh thats works! I kept installing 64th note 1.1 Didn't realize his binary files were unofficial releases :S. I'm an idiot. but thank you very much.
  2. nah i am playing the miniusf files. It seems somehow this archive won't play on my pc. Zophar and hcs have the same archive too. Anyone else care to try? http://www.zophar.net/music/usf/gauntlet-legends.html I just really wanted an n64 track of this :S
  3. no she's there. seems a bunch of them aren't working. i got it from hcs64 too... hmm hmm gauntlet legends for sure doesn't work. i wonder why it was one of the few i wanted to listen to, too.
  4. So i followed the FAQ, did a fresh install deleted the plugin folder. Went back to an old version even. Turned off the updated skin... nothing It sits there, knows its a song and how long it is, but won't play the song. What am i doing wrong? PS. It does this on 2 diff computers both winxp. Thanks.
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