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  1. Acht, it's right there under "Isn't this music copyrighted?" How negligent of me.(On an unrelated note, what is the meaning of "Jouhou" in this context? Obviously it brings up the Japanese version of the page, but why "Jouhou" and not "Nihongo" or something?)
  2. A silly question, perhaps, but I was kind of surprised to see nothing about it in the FAQ: Is there any general rule regarding the non-commercial usage of the music on OCR? Burning them onto CDs and subsequently selling them without contacting the original authors would be rather vile, obviously, as would be claiming author credit for something one didn't create. What about playing them at a dance with no admission fee? Or a dance with a cover charge?
  3. I'm not so sure I did either. I think that might have been the default setting when my account was transferred over to VBulletin.But even then, usually it seems like a good idea to leave that box checked when signing onto a board in case the board administrators need to send an important message pertaining to, say, the administration of the board. Instead of surveys at the University of Wisconsin. Anyway, I'm glad the issue has been resolved. Your response is greatly appreciated.
  4. No thanks, I'll just get angry. I've signed on to a lot of message boards, and this is the only one I've seen where this administrative power is abused. Would it really be so hard when you're sending out a message to hundreds (or thousands?) of people to include a little blurb at the end that says, "You are receiving this message because you have indicated in your OCRemix Forum Profile that you wish to receive E-mails from administrators; to unsubscribe, log in," and so on?
  5. This has gone far enough! I have just received yet another mass E-mail from OCRemix completely devoid of any unsubscription information. This is what some people call SPAM. As much as I appreciate the work that goes on here, I don't really visit very much, and these E-mails are most unwelcome. I don't care how freaking magical your University of Wisconsin survey is. Mass E-mails should either be sent out with an "unsubscribe" link clearly visible at the bottom or they shouldn't be sent out at all.
  6. Supplying WAVs is an inconvenience to the vast majority just to save trouble for some tiny minority that wants to listen to lossless audio but doesn't have a player that supports FLAC (wtf?) and/or wants to burn an audio CD but doesn't have a burner that supports FLAC. And MP3 is quite accessible for enough people already. To paraphrase Mr. Babbage, I am not able rightly to apprehend the kind of confusion of ideas that could provoke this course of action.
  7. Bluddy 'ell. Why in $deity's name is it WAVs again!? WHY!? Apologies if this is beating a dead horse, but if I want a copy of a piece of music without compression losses, I'll use lossless compression! Winamp comes with built in FLAC support these days - it's not like it's obscure or anything! The only justification I can think of for making people download twice as much data as they need to is so they can burn it to an audio CD right away (people still make those?!) with some burning program that doesn't support FLAC, in case they're using some tiny hard drive with insufficient free spac
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