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  1. I have a very annoying problem, and if it was answered in previous pages, I apoligise for asking it again. I just do not have thte patience to read more than 20 pages of this. Anyway, my problem is that sometimes when I use VSTis, specifically Slayer and JunoX2, sometimes when I insert a channel and put another VSTi channel, the first VSTi channel will not give sound. I have tried to work around this but I need at least two VSTi channels in my remix, so I cannot seem to do so. Please help!
  2. Ok, the site is down again, and I need to get this brief remix done before tomorrow. I have no clue how to decompress these sfpack files, anyone got any ideas?
  3. This may be explained somewhere in this topic, but I have trouble reading past page 20. I looked in the help file, and I'm still not sure I understand, but I need to know how to permanently adjust the volume of an instrument. I will adjust it before the song starts, and it will go back to the way it was as soon as the music starts. If I adjust it in mid-music, the volume goes down for that time around, but next time I play the music its back up. What do I do to fix this? Also, I downloaded some soundfonts from thesoundsite.net, but they are all sfpack files, and Fruity loops does not seem to read them. Please help!
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