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  1. Wow! This mix makes me wish I hadn't quit sax lessons...

    Anyway, it does sound like the Bus! remix. When I heard the Bus! remix, I thought, "Hey, there should be more remixes like this out there! This is awesome!" And now there is.

    First thing I've heard from DJPretzel that I actually liked enough to go in a playlist. But that's because of genre, not musical talent, I think. Glad he's trying new things...

  2. Wow. This one was at the top of the charts, er, my playlist, for 4 months... along with some other songs by the One Up Mushrooms... I've wanted to buy a One Up Mushrooms album since I heard their Costa del Sol rendition on PMM. Keep it up and I can't wait Donut Lifts and Bossa Du Link full version.

    The integration with the xmas songs was what kept it interesting so long, I think. Up until the jingle bells part the flow was perfect... and it was still close enough that it worked.

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