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  1. Yay, I can't wait! Except... I can't... play piano.. or anything... curses!
  2. I remember playing Chrono Trigger... I'd fight that big hunk of metal over and over again to get those 15 Silver Points... this remix captures the feel of doing something over and over again, without actually being the same thing over and over. The last style cracked me up too. Hillarious.
  3. Wow! This mix makes me wish I hadn't quit sax lessons... Anyway, it does sound like the Bus! remix. When I heard the Bus! remix, I thought, "Hey, there should be more remixes like this out there! This is awesome!" And now there is. First thing I've heard from DJPretzel that I actually liked enough to go in a playlist. But that's because of genre, not musical talent, I think. Glad he's trying new things...
  4. Wow. This one was at the top of the charts, er, my playlist, for 4 months... along with some other songs by the One Up Mushrooms... I've wanted to buy a One Up Mushrooms album since I heard their Costa del Sol rendition on PMM. Keep it up and I can't wait Donut Lifts and Bossa Du Link full version. The integration with the xmas songs was what kept it interesting so long, I think. Up until the jingle bells part the flow was perfect... and it was still close enough that it worked.
  5. I love this song, the whole thing just sounds right. When I listened to it the first time I was hoping for an outtro at the end. Aw well, the intro... hillarious, and the song clips fit in real well. Great work! Listen to it all the time... still.
  6. Maybe the problem is that some of us aren't letting him get away with it. I really didn't take it seriously, though. I never take anything seriously.
  7. Well, that was strange. How anyone can listen to this and find it funny is beyond me... But at one point I didn't know how planes flew, either, so I suppose it's possible. Overall, an awful mix that I'll listen to again and again trying to figure out what everyone else sees in it... Thank goodness it's short.
  8. Kinda sounds like Booker T. and the MGs, to me! Something like Soul Dressing, maybe.
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