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  1. I've been using samples from songs by uploading them into the slicer. My problem is that many times I want samples/instruments/effects from the middle of the song or near the end and the slicer only has as many keys as the piano roll, so I can really only use stuff from the beginning of a full-length song. Is there another way?
  2. QUESTION FL Studio4 I'm making a track right now and I notice that at a certain point in the song the sound bars will just jet up on the mixer. I know I must have activated this somehow, but I am not sure how it happened or how I deactivate it and keep them from going up.
  3. How do I properly loop drum loops? Every time I try they always fall a few bars short of being a complete loop. Thanks.
  4. New Question Im confused on how to Loop. I've been trying to loop a drumbeat called 'OverandOut' and I haven't been able to make it work. I tried layering it, but there is always some skipping in the last bar of the piano roll. It's almost like the loop requires an uneven amount of bars.
  5. New Question How do I save modifications I make to the SimSynth channel? Every time I open a new file, the changes I make to SimSynth always revery back to the default.
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