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  1. I love the way that groove develops in the intro, really glues together when the hats come in. I think the drums could vary themselves a little more, perhaps not to crazy rhythmically, but some textural changes would be helpful I think. I feel like some modulations on your bass could help too, perhaps open the cutoff as the song builds, something of that nature. The choral stuff is sick tho, creepy in the best way, and i do love the groove.

    Good stuffs here.

  2. I don't have my good phones on me, so I won't comment on anything production, but... compositionally, pretty amazing dude. Love that main hook. DAMN catchy, and great sound design too. I'll try to listen again when I get my nice headphones back.:)

    Seriously bitchin shit tho. House FTW!:)

    EDIT: Put my headphones on. This sucker is next to perfect.:P Let me know how I can hear the whole thing!

  3. Re to whoever-

    Because I want to state my opinion, don't get defensive. We're all here to post what we think. Not tryin' to start anything, it's just how I feel

    You didn't state your opinion, you just posted something nasty and untrue about my song. You don't have to call it CRAP if you don't like it, not that I care if you like it, because regardless of if you do or not, it isn't CRAP, or SHIT, or POOP, or anything of the sort, it's someone's hard work. Post Accordingly.

  4. Despite that, I still believe all three systems are equally as good. I can't decide which track I'm most excited for, but tentatively I'll say Dali because it was used in a custom Zelda Classic "The Hidden Duality", so I recognize it best. Other than that, I know next to nothing about FFIX, because neither my "oniisan" nor I ever owned it.

    Don't be tentative. You can feel comfortable in your excitement. I promise.

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