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  1. Phft, I doubt Microsoft can legally disable hardware that someone owns. Imagine if government computers are running on old hardware that gets disabled. Microsoft would find themselves in a rather bad place, as it sounds to me like they're taking the law into their own hands.

  2. I say Myria from BoF III, have yet to beat her, that swarmy little...grrr....It's so not fair xD especially 'cause I lost my data and have to play the game over, for a 4th time, heh.

    That, or the Black pirates from Metroid Zero Mission

    And definately, definately the last boss in Gradius Galaxies, the brain? hardest thing ever

    Heh heh, just kidding xD

    Myria was quite a time consuming boss... I can't think of a REALLY hard boss atm.

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