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  1. Phft, I doubt Microsoft can legally disable hardware that someone owns. Imagine if government computers are running on old hardware that gets disabled. Microsoft would find themselves in a rather bad place, as it sounds to me like they're taking the law into their own hands.
  2. I love this, this is one of the best takes on any of the CnC tracks I've seen in a while. Do more! There's nearly no CnC remixes around at all, we need some high-quality stuff.
  3. Nah, the introduction is fantastic It feels like it should be slow, and it's a lovely ambient start, rolling into the rest of the song. This is good stuff, and I can't find any flaws in it at all. You ever thought about having a striking piano take on the Bolero of Fire?
  4. Myria was quite a time consuming boss... I can't think of a REALLY hard boss atm.
  5. Top Marks This is a brilliant song, and there are elements in it that remind me of Neverwinter Nights and Morrowind too. Excellent stuff. I recommend anyone who likes epic-sounding pieces listen to this. I'd love to hear more of his remixes, or even just his regular pieces.
  6. I love this one. Its beautiful, and even though its just piano, it is simply excellent. Doesn't matter if you love heavy guitars or anything, this piece is soothing and nice.
  7. This song rocks... it has a balance of Metroid, and what I can only say must be Secret Of Mana... it has the sort of beat of it at the end. All in all, although it is fairly similar throughout, its a good piece, and you don't have to be a techno/trance fan to love it.
  8. Very mellow mix, It has the same sort of feel as the music in Phantasy Star Online. It might not change much in style as it proceeds, but I wouldn't mark it down on that. Overall I think its a good mix, and worth listening to, I like it.
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