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  1. On 9/21/2019 at 8:14 PM, Souperion said:

    Haven't heard something like this in a while! I might have to check out Celeste some more. More importantly, this is impressive. I hardly noticed that it lasted 7 minutes, it's very good at dominating one's attention. I'm no authority on rave style, but I am loving the inexorable arpeggios and piano-like synth. The little sound bits that vaguely resemble an alien infant babbling (sfx from the game?) were a bit strange at first, but more or less add to the sparkling, yet dark, mood of the piece. Even without memories to the game, it tugs at something in the mind. Nice work!


    TYSM, I didn't notice anyone replying for a while so I figured no one would.

    I'm really glad you liked it. Celeste is a really hard game and the story deal with anxiety, so it hit me right in the feels and now has a nice place in my heart (corny, I know lol)

    I have updated a the mix a bit more since I first uploaded it, if you'd like to give it another listen.

    And yes, the alien like babble is the main Character (Madeline) talking with the main antagonist (her evil twin).

    Thanks again for listening to it, I'd still love to be able to get it hosted here, I'll have this mixed and mastered professionally soon. (I've only been producing for 2 years, so my mixing abilities are not all that well developed yet)

  2. Hello everyone!

    I've been a fan and follower of this site since 2002, I believe. Didn't make an account til 2003, but it was always a dream of mine to have a song be released here someday.

    I tried learning production on my own multiple times, but failed numerously. So I just gave up on that at the time.

    Then I began trying again in October 2017, this time with the help of a friend I made in the rave scene. And now, almost 2 years later, I've been able to make my first remix (I've only made original music before).

    Here's the link to the song, and any honest feedback would be highly appreciated ^_^



  3. If you like Minecraft, then the Yogscast is for you!

    If not, then The Yogscast is also for you!

    The have around 10 different channels, and they play a large variety of games. The guys have a great sence of humor and are a blast to watch. The ones I enjoy watching the most are the dynamic duo of "Sips and Sjin", "Martin or Inthelittlewood", and "Simon and Lewis"

    You should give them a try then are really great!

  4. zircon's DnB songs.


    Look at Mass Media Constant or Fittest OST for DnB, though his other albums are amazing in other ways.

    Bloody hell man, I've been listening to Zircon's stuff and damn, I really like his music. "Identity Sequence" Is fantastic, a really nice mix of songs in there, some very chill, some very uptempo. Also the song "Across the Ocean" reminds me a lot of the music from "Mighty Switch Force", great stuff!

    I remember I bought his "Antigravity" album when he first announced it a while back and I loved it, but at the time I think it was his only album featured in iTunes.

    I've always thought the Cave Story remix "The Unbroken" by Nutritious sounded just like Pendulum, especially when the vocals come in. Its a really great remix so I highly recommend:


    Of course that's just one song, I don't have much else to recommend, alas!

    I remember playing this game, but I never beat it, got stuck at the last boss. The Remix is great btw!

  5. Hello everyone,

    It's been a LONG time since I've stepped on these forums and I was looking around online for a music oriented site to ask a question, so suddenly I thought about this great site.

    Well, I've always loved trance and house music, but recently I was introduced to Dubstep. I had heard the genre before, but for some reason it really didn't catch my attention until I was at a party last month and they had Pandora playing Skrillex station and I heard some pretty good songs, though what really got me cranked up was a song by Pendulum (Crush).

    Next day when I got home, I bought the whole Immersion album and LOVED it! then I bought Hold Your Colour and MAN, it's just soooooo awesome, can't stop listening to it. It's been almost a month, and that's all I listen to.

    The question is, what would you recommend me that sounds like Pendulum? I learned that Pendulum broke apart so what's out there that sounds like them?

  6. So, was listening to my Pandora's Frank Klepaki station today and this awesome song stars playing.

    It was Warhead by Zircon, now I'm wondering, is it the same Zircon from this site?

    Mind you I haven't been around here in a while.

    The song was freaking awesome btw, and if it is the same person, much congratz to you!

  7. Why? Because I want to get better at mixing, and because you guys are awesome when it comes to music.

    So I made a CD Mix with OCRemix music.

    When criticizing and commenting, keep in mind that I learnt to use Audacity yesterday.

    The list of songs is this:

    1. Top Gear 2 Rolling Start by Rayza
    2. Final Doom Quick Fix by DJ Redlight
    3. Street Fighter 2 Club Del Toro by Rayza
    4. GreenHill (Euroclub '95 Mix) by Rayza
    5. Dimstar by Beatdrop
    6. Transformation by ocean
    7. Booster Tarantino by djpretzel
    8. Reel Big Mario by JAXX and Kajin
    9. Altered Beast Resurrection by djpretzel
    10. Street Fighter 2 Guile's Theme (R.A.H. Mix) by Rayza
    11. Mystery Meat (e2m9) by Nousentre
    12. Assembly line Apparitions by Protricity
    13. Memory by DJ MetaZero
    14. KRool Intentions by Protricity
    15. Raiden Gallantry(NobilityOfSpirit) by Rayza
    16. R U Overdrive (Ryu Stage) by AkumajoBelmont and BrainCells


    DOWNLOAD (OCR Upbeat Mix)

    (BTW I call myself DJ Smily (hoping someday I can be one))

  8. (that may or may not be what you had in mind.)

    (also, that mashup is kind of poorly done...)

    (not sure it even qualifies as a mashup, it's just the two songs slapped together.)

    EDIT: Wow, reading comprehension fail on my part. I saw "Faithfully" and "Mashup", completely missed the bit about singing....)

    Lol, that is a funny mix XD

  9. So, for our wedding reception, my fiancée and I want to sing a duet before the 1st dance.

    Originally we decided to just sing Faithfully by Journey because it's a fantastic song IOO (In Our Opinion :P). But Last week we decided to do a mash up.

    Now we can't seems to decide which song would be awesome for 'Faithfully'.

    Im sure you guys will have awesome ideas because, well even though we have time, we want to start working on that ASAP :P

    Thx in advance.

  10. Yeah, we are remaking it with ZM graphics and physics.

    But this is not my project, I'm just resurrecting it.

    So I didn't name it.

    And a lot of people would like to try SM with ZM physics because a lot of new players don't like SM as much as ZM, and I really like ZM better because it's a lot faster and I'm a lot better at ZM than SM :P

    EDIT: Plus the other members of the team really want to do this project over making a brand new Metroid. Actually our Spriter, Kenji Imitake, is already making a brand new Metroid.

  11. Nah, we can't redo out engine, the engine is near complete. Remaking it on C#, C++, Java or Flash would require to start from 0.

    TY for the replies though.

    Based on the screens on the blog, it's just going to look like the GBA games? I'd be interested in helping with this if it were an HD remake or something that really improved on the original and brought it up to date. If it's just going to be pixel art, then what's the point? Super Metroid is one of the best looking games on the SNES.

    And its supposed to be Zero Mission style, so we are keeping it like a GBA game, so that old PC can play it too.

    You should check out AM2R, we got this idea from him, and his game looks awesome.

  12. Hello guys,

    I'm speaking in behalf of the First Super Metroid Remake's team.

    I'm a map maker, tiler and current Project Leader.

    And we are in need of a programmer(s) because our own abandoned us.

    The Fan game is currently being developed with Game Maker 7, we have a working engine, but there are still some improvements to do.

    I'm asking here because I've been a member (mostly lurker though) of this community for a while, and I know that there are some good programmers here.

    So, if you are familiar with GML or programming in general and are interested in being part of the team, please reply.

    EDIT: Sorry, the game is being made with GM8, not 7.

  13. Wii with 15(ish) downloaded game in it + HD component and reg definition cables + 4 Wiimotes + 2 Ninchucks + 2 Classic controlers + 3 GC controllers (2 wired and a wavebird) + Games: LoZ:TP + Boomblox 2 + Geometry Wars: Galaxies + Metroid Prime Trilogy + GH:WT with the Microphone + GH:III with the guitar + SSBB + SM Galaxy 2 + WiiSports + SD Card + shipping, $350 (Price is negotiable)

  14. Well, since no one answered my post Im going to place my Wii bundle here. If you want to make an offer PM me.

    Here is the complete bundle:

    - Wii with the original box and manuals.

    - HD component and reg definition cables.

    - 4 Wiimotes with their original condoms :P

    - 2 Ninchucks

    - 2 Classic controlers.

    - 3 GC controllers (2 wired and a wavebird)

    - Games:

    + LoZ:TP

    + Boomblox 2

    + Geometry Wars: Galaxies

    + Metroid Prime Trilogy

    + GH:WT with the Microphone

    + GH:III with the guitar

    + SSBB

    + SM Galaxy 2

    + WiiSports

    + and an SD card with at least 15 games (will update which games as soon as I connect the Wii :P)

    + Opera Broswer

  15. As stated above, I need help trying to estimate a price for my Wii and stuff so I can sell it on eBay.

    The Wii is in perfect working condition and has never had any problems. I bought it on release day too. (4th in line :P)

    Here is the complete bundle:

    - Wii with the original box and manuals.

    - HD component and reg definition cables.

    - 4 Wiimotes with their original condoms :P

    - 2 Ninchucks

    - 2 Classic controlers.

    - 3 GC controllers (2 wired and a wavebird)

    - Games:

    + LoZ:TP

    + Boomblox 2

    + Geometry Wars: Galaxies

    + Metroid Prime Trilogy

    + GH:WT with the Microphone

    + GH:III with the guitar

    + SSBB

    + SM Galaxy 2

    + WiiSports

    + and an SD card with at least 15 games (will update which games as soon as I connect the Wii :P)

    + Opera Broswer

    Could I get an estimate from any of the super knowledgeable people of this community?

    Thx in advance.

    Oh and if someone wants to buy this bundle, just PM me.

    I just have no idea how much to charge for all this :P

    EDIT: I could also include my GC games, I just dont know if I should sell them separately or not.

  16. So I have this AMAZING idea for a comic book series, which I originally intended for a book, but I think it's much better suited for a comic book.

    Anyway.... as I said, the idea is great and I already have the whole 1st volume ready (i drew everything as stick figures to help me move faster, lulz), but I'm a terrible artist.

    So, how should I approach an artist about this, because I really don't want my idea to be stolen, the is my biggest concern really.

    I know there are some amazing artist here in these forums too.

    Any help? Advice?

  17. I haven't seen "As I Lay Dying" being mentioned yet. They are great band, but might have a bit too much screaming in some songs. Also not mentioned:

    Avenge Sevenfold

    Bullet for my Valentine



    they are just awesome.

    Also, as someone mentioned before, All That Remains is great. Try listening to "The Fall of Ideals" and "Overcome" albums.

    And in the not so much metal but kick ass nonetheless, I recommend "Outworld" and the world famous Joe Satriani, he isn't metal, but he truly knows how to shred the guitar. :D

  18. I havent seen any threads about this, and I know there are lots of Doom 2 fans over here, at least of its music :P

    But I love to make stages for Doom, I used to have loads of stages made my me, but I lost them in an old hard drive that died. So I started again.

    For those of you who have no idea how to make a Doom stage, just go and download Doom Builder 2 from here:


    All you need to make stages is DB2 and at least 1 of the doom.wad files that comes with the game, and a doom engine like ZDoom or Skulltag (my favorite). They will tel you play Doom in windows and with some added bonuses like mouse look, jump, and crouch, plus some more cool stuff.

    Is very simple to make stages and loads of fun.

    Well here is the link to my stage, if you wanna give it a try:

    Stairs of Death

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