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  1. Maybe this one wasn't supposed to be as epic as you expected? If you consider this in gaming terms, this would be one of a few different versions used at different points in the game. It sets a different mood than the one we're used to.

    I dunno, I love this. Frog's theme is too short to not mix up a bit. Yeah, sure the theme has been done, but that's the point of the creative liberty. This is a new interpretation.

    This is the first CT mix in a while that I have really been awed by. And no I'm not from Fark. :roll:

    Thanks Graylightning.

  2. And perhaps the most important thing about djp's mixes is this: none of it sounds strained, forced, or contrived. This sounds like a band just chillin' on a saturday afternoon with no audience but itself.

    Here's a mix with that special something -- when you've analyzed all the beats and chord progressions and articulations, when you've put it through the meat grinder of thought, you won't have gotten to it all. Just listen again, and there it is, whatever we listen to music for is right there from the founding father of oc remix himself.

    This says it all.