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  1. being the zelda expert I am I'll explain things IN hyrule there are several races eg. hylians, gorons, zoras, gerudos... there are many more but these are the ones in concern. just around the time link was born a great was was being fought between gerudos, hylians, gorons and zoras all fighting over who should hold the triforce. The gerudos began to use evil magic to gain an upper hand and because of this the master sword was forged to deflect all evil and it was also given the power to choose its weilder but no-one was couragous enough to use such a sword so it became disused and eventualy used in the seal to hide the triforce in the sacred realm. links family was killed during this was and link was sent down the river and ended his way in kokori village we're he was brought up as an elf. peace had came over the land after the hylians brought peace and the king of hyrule was crowned to keep peace, but each race still had its own respective leaders. ooh seems i got a bit carried away there i could tell you loads more