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    Sefiros is the performing pseudonym of Bryan Henderson, a Scottish musician who produces an eclectic mix of post-orchestral neo-classical electronica with a touch of glitchy industrial 8-bit robotic dance ambience.
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    Bryan Henderson
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  1. Thanks, I'm glad you're a fan. I'd like to point out that you're basically preordering a copy of the album as well as helping to fund the production. Also,
  2. This is just an update to let you all know that the fundraiser is now a quarter of the way through and isn't yet a quarter towards the goal amount. You can also see what sort of artwork you are looking at for the poster and shirt rewards. Hopefully it will entice you to have another look. I also have a teaser from another of my tracks with vocalist Kathryn Dearborn for you. Sefiros - Glass Girl (feat. Kathryn Dearborn) If you like music by Zircon, Nine Inch Nails, Imogen Heap, Akira Yamaoka, Muse, etc. you should find something to enjoy. Thank you.
  3. Hello friends, you might recognise me from that one Final Fantasy VIII remix, Everything = Nothing, and an upcoming remix. I'm just popping in to let you know that after several years I finally have a new album coming out and I am currently raising funds to get it mastered and pressed onto lovely compact discs. I've collaborated with several different vocalists for this album and you can find an example of the kind of sound you'll be hearing here: Sefiros - The Dead Things We Are Made Of (feat. Kathryn Dearborn) You will be pledging for a copy of the album and there are also some nice rewards such as posters and shirts to be had so have a look if you like some abstract art. Enjoy the music. Here's a link: Sefiros - Dither: New Album Release Fundraiser
  4. The Dead Things We Are Made Of (feat. Kathryn Dearborn) Hey, I haven't posted here in a while but I thought I would make you all aware of my new single. The first single from the forthcoming album Dither is called The Dead Things We Are Made Of, featuring the enthralling lyrics and vocals of American solo artist Kathryn Dearborn (www.lookatmygorgeousface.com). The single will contain the B-Side We Are All Stardust and will go on sale on 20th August 2012 via the official website (www.sefiros.co.uk), iTunes and most other online mp3 retailers. I hope you enjoy it.
  5. It's just my anniversary with my girlfriend. I'm a plum.
  6. I have just released a new five track EP on my website to download for free. Or you can name your price if you are the generous sort. It's around twenty minutes of lo-fi post-orchestral chiptune electronica. Have a gander at the rest of my albums too. Thank you friends.
  7. Your re-arrangement of Compression of Time is beautiful, very inspiring. It almost brought a tear to my eye. Good luck with your future.

  8. If you have enjoyed any of these music albums could you do me a huge favour and vote for my song Ultimatum at this website:
  9. No idea, to be honest. It is stylistically different to techno and trance stuff. I just write what I like.
  10. Just posting to let you know I remixed a Hunz song and stuck it up there. You might enjoy it.
  11. Hey man, I'm about to crawl through your discography on your website there. Would you like to check out mine thats posted here? It's a bit like yours, not the same style, but I think you might appreciate it. :)

  12. Only a few of them are crossfaded I think.
  13. IF YOU ENJOY THIS PLEASE VOTE FOR MY SONG ULTIMATUM HERE: These are all free to download in a myriad of high quality filetypes. I've been writing this peculiar brand of electronica for a few years now, but I can't remember if I posted all of them here or not. I probably did. I like to call it post-orchestral electronica with a touch of industrial 8-bit dance ambience, but that's probably wrong. There's also another couple of free albums on the website if you look around a bit, including a crappy Christmas album. Have a listen please. I implore you.
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