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  1. Thanks alot jmr. I just chose the first UL site I could find.
  2. Oh yeah, it is Kraid. Haven't even thought about that. The "original" file (the full version) was named something along the lines of "brinstar lower level", hence the name of the mp3. But that would probably explain why I can't find it anywhere. Somebody around here must've heard it(?).
  3. No comments to this remix at all? Not even a slight recognition? I would really like to have a name for this song, so I then, maybe can find the full version.
  4. Hello happy people. I would really REALLY appreciate anyone who can name a song for me. I first heard it six years ago (or so), then I lost the file. But thankfully I used a piece of it for a video I made, and I managed to rip the audio from that video. I am not sure about the original title and I haven't been able to locate it anywhere. http://files-upload.com/files/641811/Metroid%20-%20Brinstar%20Lower%20Level.mp3 The name of the original file was "brinstar lower level", or something like it. Also I do know that it is not an OCremix. Thanks in advance!
  5. Me and a friend of mine ordered two hoodies mid January and we payed using his visa card. So the money has been transferred, but the order status is cancelled. I've sent you (leviathan) a PM with the ordernumber. We would very much appreciate if you could check that order and see if you have recieved any money. We have not gotten anything back. Thanks.
  6. It's not about the fact that I haven't received my hoodie. It's simply because nobody can tell us what's going on. But thank you for your vital information.
  7. Yes, me too. But for completely different reasons
  8. Ofcourse it takes longer with international shipments, but there are people in the U.S who ordered two months (check 1 page back or so),ago and haven't heard anything either. The reason why I am upset is not because we haven't recieved the hoodies, it's because nobody will answer our questions. And I don't just mean myself, but others on the OCR forums who have ordered aswell. I am not trying to be unpolite, but I am getting pretty angry by now, which I thought would be understandable.
  9. Still no word. Not even in this thread. Just sent another message to ZTnet. Maybe I should start posting in this thread once a day until somebody answers? Or ten times a day? I want some effing answers!
  10. Same here. I ordered a shirt in mid-january, sent a money order and, until the site went down, my order was still "pending"... I hope that all will turn well. Unfortunately, nobody seems to do anything about. If they infact are doing something about it, we should be informed. I would like to hear from djpretzel atleast, even if he doesn't know what's going on.
  11. A response or any sign of life at all would be effin' sweet. Yeah so, I'll just be over here waiting and stuff..
  12. And now ZTNet is down .. Getting some mental images here.. People in charge sitting on a beach in Mexico buying cheap beer with my money.. No but seriously, what the hell? EDIT: ZTNet is not down, just doesn't work for me it seems. Weird.
  13. I'm aware of that but he probably knows more about it than I do. I don't know who else to talk to, except perhaps mailing ZTNet which we've done some three times without response.
  14. I have tried to contact djpretzel through mail and on IRC. I have mailed ZTnet and I have posted here. It's been over a month since me and a friend of mine ordered two hoodies which have already been paid for. Still the order status is "pending" and has been ever since we ordered. Neither of us have heard from djpretzel or ZTnet. I consider myself to be pretty patient, especially since this is not an official 'webstore' per say. But now I am starting to get really pissed. What is going on here? Are we getting ripped off? Just a simple response from djpretzel or ZTnet, is that too much to ask for? I'm a long time fan of ocremix and the music posted here. So I wanted to support it.. Anyways .. If djpretzel or anybody else who knows anything about the orders should see this, please contact me: rabarberklet <at> hotmail End of transmission.
  15. I am getting seriously pissed here. It's almost been a month and no word. No replies from ZTNet, no information in this thread. No change in order status (pending). What the hell is going on? Really?
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