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  1. I think about the only time I became really sad enough to become teary eyed with a video game, was when Alys died in Phantasy Star 4. She was my fav character up to that point and I kept thinking she'd get better. The worst was playing Chaz. I really hated playing him. Couldn't play the game for about 2-3 weeks after that...

  2. I'll take a temporary break when the expansion comes out. I don't think I can stand the massive Alliance>Horde migration and Blood Elf infestation.

    Blood Elf Mage FTW

    Also, what is the new class going to be anyway? Haven't really heard anymore about it since the rumors of the Spellbreaker class.

  3. Just got into the game again because I actually have people to play with now.

    I started a Gnome Mage on Burning Blade because that's where my friends are. If anyone else is on that server let me know.

    I also have a few Horde characters on Arthas. Highest is 47 Undead Rogue.

    What tradeskills should a Mage get anyhow?

    Alchemy, Tailoring, and Enchanting are all good caster skills. Alchemy for filling in buff holes. Tailoring for armor to wear/sell. Enchanting is great at higher levels but its such a money sink until ya get the good enchants. Then it rocks with the self-enchanting and charging people for enchants.

    Also, in case some people didn't know having two gathering skills first makes big coinage so you don't have to worry about saving up for that mount.

  4. So I'm thinking of starting on a new server. My current server (Thunderlord), is just way too full of level 60's and endgame guilds to have any fun, even when I'm relatively close to level 60 (Highest character is currently 47). I just went through two and a half hours of mediating between old guild buddies on personal problems, something which I have to deal with way too much in real life, much less a game full of Dwarves named "Chuccnorrris" and dancing, naked, purple elves. Most of the people I play with are way too concerned with endgame content and are leveling way too fast for me to even have time to enjoy the game with them. By now, all my contacts has moved on to fairly exclusive guilds that take up all their playing time.

    I played around with the idea of starting my own guild, but you have to have prospects for endgame material to be even taken seriously by charter signers. It's just not a friendly environment for new characters, or anyone not dedicating four hours a day just to make quota. Like someone before me said, it's become too much like a business.

    Oh, and God forbid Blizzard ever open up our server to transfers.

    So I'm looking for suggestions. Server suggestions, race/class suggestions. Anything. This game can be really fun, but now when it's a chore to play.

    I was thinking of joining a RP-PvP server, if nothing for a significant drop in 12 year-olds and being able to strike up some decent conversations with people, not ending up in a group of 4 Chinese farmers every time I run instances. Only thing is that there are only four RP-PvP servers, and I'm sure they have a similar establishment of my current one. If anyone knows different, let me know.

    As for race/class, I was thinking either a Human Warrior, or Night Elf Rogue. More likely the former, since my main character was a Night Elf, and the early quests got really repetitive. I'm still open to the idea of playing Horde though, but only if I can be convinced that Trolls aren't that ugly.

    Male trolls look stupid really, Blizzard made them slouch over way too much. Also their noses are too long and they are really thin. But, if you want a decent looking Horde character, play a female one.

  5. Silent Hill Film Update:

    Improved Teaser:

    Since the release of the official website, which released a film teaser as the site's flash introduction, the site now offers visitors the option to view the teaser in .mov format (Quicktime). (For those who can access the flash intro, simply click to view again and the Quicktime intro will play instead.) Also, the site has been cleaned up slightly to provide optimal window size and clearity, which includes the teaser. For those with keen senses, you'll notice that the trailer has some slight editting changes since it was first offered. Most noticable of the changes is the picture and sound quality, but you'll also notice some slight cue and directional changes as well. One benefit to having the improved picture quality is that now you can see some items that were not quite as noticeable the first time around. Enjoy.

    Official Silent Hill Film Site - Quicktime Teaser (Direct access for those who can't get the flash intro to work.)

    Silent Hill Film - Quicktime Teaser [MegaUpload Mirror]

    Morbid Obsession's Journey to Silent Hill:

    The editors from Morbid Obsession took a trip to the film set and took some photos of the modified streets of Brantford, Ontario (old news, but bare with me for a moment). Yet, they managed to record some places and images that were not shown in any of the official or unofficial film set photos. Their description of the filming process doesn't reveal too much, but still makes me feel excited by reading it. Anyway, the reason why I am posting this now, is for two reasons: 1) for completion of documentation of the film's progress and 2) to let you guys knows that an exclusive interview with Jeff Danna will be posted there shortly (presumably before the end of December). So, keep your eyes out for that.

    Morbid Obsession - Journey to Silent Hill Film Set

    Rule of Rose:

    I'm not sure if anyone has already seen this, but Sony Computer Entertainment is developing a horror game called "Rule of Rose." The only real information I have to go on this are that it will be on the Playstation 2 (released January 19, 2006) and that the two trailers were released in Japan, which suggests a Japan only release, but still worth viewing. Actually, this trailer is a must see for fans of horror-gaming, since it captures so much of the demensia of creepy characters and situations. Details make the man.

    I suspect that the game will follow the older, blonde woman who appears to be either a caretaker or teacher to the group of young girls. She appears to be plagued by continuous threats in a surreal setting of 1930's Europe. Based on the appearance and actions of this presumable main character, I think the gameplay will be similar to that of Clock Tower 3, where the character cannot actively fight against her attackers and must resort to hide-and-evade tactics (not my favorite style of gameplay, but not unbareable). However, what makes me most excited are the FMVs of the supporting characters who are as disfunctional and disturbing as they are realistic-looking.

    Rule of Rose - Official Playstation Website - Rule of Rose - Japanese Trailer #2 (Stream, Option to Download) - Rule of Rose - Japanese Trailer #2 (Stream, Option to Download) - Rule of Rose - Japanese Trailer #2 (Download Only) - Rule of Rose - Japanese Trailer #1 & #2 (Stream, Option to Download with Free Registration)

    Rule of Rose - Japanese Trailer #1 [MegaUpload Mirror] (.zip / .wmv / 6.55MB)

    Rule of Rose - Japanese Trailer #2 [MegaUpload Mirror] (.zip / .wmv / 19.19MB)

    This just might be the first time a video game movie actually looks and feels like the experiences in the game.

  6. Uh.

    Is there any way I can have my character run up to melee range on her own?

    Have right click to move turned on in interface options and just right click the enemy.

    Teleport is pretty decent too, usually I can keep up with any hunters in my party.

    Just watch out and don't teleport in front a tree or something like I'd always seem to do.

  7. I haven't played WoW since I just find it dull compared to FFXI. The jobs are more expanded in FFXI and the community is friendly and is party based, which sometimes can suck if you are not the best job for the party.

    Appearently you like waiting for hours to get a good party. Only to have some asshole leave after 30 mins. In which time you have amassed maybe 1/8 of the exp needed for your level. So you have to wait another 30-40 mins to get a party to grind. Then it happens again and again and again.... It's like an endless masochistic cycle with very little reward. At least in WOW you don't have to grind all the time and you can solo if you want.


    Icecrown mountain is the most difficult instance to ever be in Azeroth, and will challenge anyone to stand against the power of not only the Lich King's armies, and his most trusted lieutenant, Anub'arak, but also the Immortal Lich King himself.

    This is a 100-player max level raid instance, and will challenge the Horde and Alliance to work together to defeat the Immortal Lich King. To have the full 100 players, 50 players of max level on Horde and 50 players of max level on Alliance must work together, merging both groups of 50 into one large raid party. Upon Icecrown, Horde and Alliance may not attack eachother at any time, but are instead able to aid eachother. Leaders of the Argent Dawn have also worked together to teach the Alliance and Horde to understand both, Common and Orcish, so they may communicate as they work together to defeat the Immortal Lich King.

    I think this a very cool idea. Not only fighting the Lich King, but working with opposing faction in a instance sounds interesting.

  9. I don't understand why a paladin not winning would be a big deal.

    Are you trying to tell me that out of all the paladins in World of Warcraft, none of them were skillful enough to win the competition? Please. The problem doesn't lie in the players. Even PRIESTS can specialize to do damage, if they need to.


    It wasn't a contest of skill, it was a contest of time played. Who had the most points over a set period of time. Obviously paladins weren't the most played characters. That argument sounds a whole lot like "THAT VIDEO GAME AWARD SHOW DIDN'T MENTION CHRONO TRIGGAR!!!" to me.


    Don't even whine about paladins getting the shaft. It gets so freakin old. If you don't like it play another class.