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  1. Thanks to this thread, I nearly spit out my Dr Pepper all over my monitor.
  2. I think about the only time I became really sad enough to become teary eyed with a video game, was when Alys died in Phantasy Star 4. She was my fav character up to that point and I kept thinking she'd get better. The worst was playing Chaz. I really hated playing him. Couldn't play the game for about 2-3 weeks after that...
  3. Good try at a palindrome there you were so close.
  4. Dudz you kno teh hordez gona rock in the expansion cuz we gots: BLOOD ELFS!! [/sarcasm]
  5. Blood Elf Mage FTW Also, what is the new class going to be anyway? Haven't really heard anymore about it since the rumors of the Spellbreaker class.
  6. Alchemy, Tailoring, and Enchanting are all good caster skills. Alchemy for filling in buff holes. Tailoring for armor to wear/sell. Enchanting is great at higher levels but its such a money sink until ya get the good enchants. Then it rocks with the self-enchanting and charging people for enchants. Also, in case some people didn't know having two gathering skills first makes big coinage so you don't have to worry about saving up for that mount.
  7. The draenei males look like Klingons
  8. Male trolls look stupid really, Blizzard made them slouch over way too much. Also their noses are too long and they are really thin. But, if you want a decent looking Horde character, play a female one.
  9. ^^^ Holy crap! A 2002 lurker rare spawn! Hope you drop something good! +Combat
  10. http://www.yikers.com/video_dude_gets_caught_jerking_off_to_world_of_warcraft.html Night Elf girls are hot.
  11. This just might be the first time a video game movie actually looks and feels like the experiences in the game.
  12. Have right click to move turned on in interface options and just right click the enemy. Just watch out and don't teleport in front a tree or something like I'd always seem to do.
  13. Druid has the moose horns YES! "Watch me pull something outta my sleeve!" All of the sets look really nice, although the mage set is kinda pink.
  14. Appearently you like waiting for hours to get a good party. Only to have some asshole leave after 30 mins. In which time you have amassed maybe 1/8 of the exp needed for your level. So you have to wait another 30-40 mins to get a party to grind. Then it happens again and again and again.... It's like an endless masochistic cycle with very little reward. At least in WOW you don't have to grind all the time and you can solo if you want.
  15. I think this a very cool idea. Not only fighting the Lich King, but working with opposing faction in a instance sounds interesting.
  16. Are you trying to tell me that out of all the paladins in World of Warcraft, none of them were skillful enough to win the competition? Please. The problem doesn't lie in the players. Even PRIESTS can specialize to do damage, if they need to. -Dennis- It wasn't a contest of skill, it was a contest of time played. Who had the most points over a set period of time. Obviously paladins weren't the most played characters. That argument sounds a whole lot like "THAT VIDEO GAME AWARD SHOW DIDN'T MENTION CHRONO TRIGGAR!!!" to me. And "PMG!! MY GUY CNA'T KILL PLAYRZ IN ONE HIT!!!" Don't even whine about paladins getting the shaft. It gets so freakin old. If you don't like it play another class.
  17. I give this song 5 flying uppercuts out of 5! REALIZE YOUR KEN AND LISTEN TO THIS MIX!!!
  18. I just listened to this remix and was really diggin it until the singing or talking started. I have to say that with all of DJ Chrono's mixes I have listened to they are great until all the sampling and lyrics come up. Please, just stick with your orchestration and give up on your "rapping".
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