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  1. You are ignoring what I have linked and everything people have said because you don't want to hear it. You even chose to listen to the comments over the article itself, which very well could have been planted by the company to paint them in a better light. It is a scam. It is not a good thing. Some of those surveys want your SSN for crying out loud...that's the one thing you are not legally required to give out to anybody, including family or even employers. Do you know why it's not a legal obligation to supply your Social Security Number? Because if people have it, it's so so easy for them to commit identity theft.

    So hey, you can probably still back out now if they only have your name and address. You'll get junk mail for years, but it's better than having your SSN stolen.

    Im ignoring it because I don't know that I believe it. Like I said all those posts are people complaining that they got banned because they didn't follow the rules.

    I have yet to see a SINGLE place where it asks for SSN

  2. Interesting read, but if you read the comments the people talk about how they were banned from signing into multiple accounts which is says is a no no in the rules. I personally think its a dumb rule as im sure everyone else has.

    Anyways I made an account, and got the $2.50 for completing the email verifacation like it said.

    And I agree it would just be better to spend the $60 bucks to get the game, but right now thats nowhere possible with my bills :(

  3. [link removed by moderator]

    Obviously nothing in life is for free. Instead of free it should of said Earn because the site claims that p2s will allow you to earn this for free.

    The site is correct when it says there are many pictures of proof, and everyone in the chat I talked to all said they have got their order.

    What do you guys think? I really don't want to even start until i'm 100% sure im not wasting my time.

  4. Ok. Im trying to learn how to put songs into notation. I am a guitar player and I picked this song. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wEmci2P9BzM

    I know how to play the song, but im confused.

    The first bar is all 8th notes. The second bar with the triplets/gallop picking is what I dont get. What I hear in my head is 3 8th notes then 2 groups of 8th note tuplets(or is it 16th tuplets?), but that dosnt fit into the bar. The guitar tabs ( http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/tabs/t/trivium/fugue_ver2_tab.htm )say 2 8th notes and 3 triplets, but thats not what im hearing. I am hearing it wrong?

    The song is in 4/4,about 210bmp, and in e minor I think.

    Im still a noob when it comes to theory, can anyone help me out?

  5. I have a Epiphone Les Paul Black Beauty guitar.


    As you can see it has 3 humbuckers. I've heard that have 3 pickups drowns the tone of all 3 pickups. And plus the third pickup is in the way of my picking.

    So Im trying to remove the pickup as a whole and just have a cavity there. I plan on replacing the neck and bridge pickups with something wtih more output, as im trying to get a metal tone.

    How Would I go about doing this? I've searching on googled and came up with nothing. I Know that after removing the pick up, Im going to have to rewire the connections so that it runs for 2 pick ups instead of three.

  6. I'm thinking about buying a pod xt for a good computer recording system. Is their anything out there thats cheaper? I don't want anything like guitar rig, I want to use my hardware tones.

    I'm just looking for something I can plug my guitar into(with amp) that goes into my computer for recording.


    My budget is 200-300, but I'd like to keep it cheap as possible.

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