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  1. OMG yes time is finally here. I've waited for this day for quite some time. Honestly, I thought it would never come out. Problem after problem
  2. I'm going to miss xplay. I remember when it first came out, when it used to only be adam. What was the network called then? Techtv? And what happened to adam? I don't see him anywhere on G4 anymore.
  3. Im ignoring it because I don't know that I believe it. Like I said all those posts are people complaining that they got banned because they didn't follow the rules. I have yet to see a SINGLE place where it asks for SSN
  4. Maybe I threw around the word free to much. But you are actually earning your money towards it. I ordered a pair of cheap headphones just to see if they will come.
  5. I'm quite serious. I've chatted with probably a good 50 or so people who have all said they've gotten their orders now. I'll keep you guys posted.
  6. Interesting read, but if you read the comments the people talk about how they were banned from signing into multiple accounts which is says is a no no in the rules. I personally think its a dumb rule as im sure everyone else has. Anyways I made an account, and got the $2.50 for completing the email verifacation like it said. And I agree it would just be better to spend the $60 bucks to get the game, but right now thats nowhere possible with my bills
  7. [link removed by moderator] Obviously nothing in life is for free. Instead of free it should of said Earn because the site claims that p2s will allow you to earn this for free. The site is correct when it says there are many pictures of proof, and everyone in the chat I talked to all said they have got their order. What do you guys think? I really don't want to even start until i'm 100% sure im not wasting my time.
  8. What do yall think about a Mass effect movie. I think It could hold its own.
  9. Not sure if its been mentioned but I liked Witch Hunter Robin. The story can be slow at points but many twist and turns.
  10. The Mass effect series also had a lot of sad parts, but nothing to cry over lol.
  11. Oh yeah, I didn't cry but I was sad at the end of halo reach
  12. After hearing everyone's thoughts about the ending im still going to get it since 1 and 2 we so good IMO. Not to de-rail thread but I will be getting it for free like the first two if interested see my sig.
  13. So how about it? Has a game ever gotten you to tears? I remember when I was younger Final Fantasy 10 got me teary around the end of the game.
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