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  1. Not really a newbie but I'm thinking of returning to these boards after what has to have been nearly 2 years. So I guess to most people here I am new.

    I must say the first few topics I've looked at have somewhat dampened my enthusiasm for returning, especially seeing that the artwork that used to form a signature has gone rather downhill.

    In short, I'm a guy in England, a guy who likes other guys (OMFG QUEER!!!!1) and someone who doesn't have much tolerance for idiots.

    At my core I'm a nice person though, even if I do come over a little more aggressive than I intend to.

  2. Real Mustin, not Gay Mustin.

    There's a difference? Sorry to all Mustin and OUS fans but I can't open a UK gaming magazine at the moment without seeing a letter from Mustin plugging OUS. Kinda put me off him for a bit, hopefully he'll change my opinion later.

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