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  1. Not really a newbie but I'm thinking of returning to these boards after what has to have been nearly 2 years. So I guess to most people here I am new. I must say the first few topics I've looked at have somewhat dampened my enthusiasm for returning, especially seeing that the artwork that used to form a signature has gone rather downhill. In short, I'm a guy in England, a guy who likes other guys (OMFG QUEER!!!!1) and someone who doesn't have much tolerance for idiots. At my core I'm a nice person though, even if I do come over a little more aggressive than I intend to.
  2. They're out of stock again. The large hoodies always sell out first so you need to pay attention.
  3. Finished downloading last night and I just got through my first complete listen. It's pretty good but one thing must be mentioned. Radio Results = inspired.
  4. Now Playing - Joker - House of Cards Download Status - 18/22 I haven't listened to Richter's mixes yet but I am awaiting the playlist's progression with awe. BTW, Sith. Are you insane?
  5. Currently Listening to - Analoq - Oil Spill Download status - 9/22 Man, this one doesn't grate on me. Great to see the first project track up on OCR too. Problem is, I now need a colour cartridge so I can print the cover art. If anyone's interested, RotC is losing it's jewel case for this.
  6. I can't believe 2 things. 1) It's done at last! 2) I got a mention in the thanks! I haven't downloaded the tracks yet but you've done a really good job with the site Richter.
  7. I'm set up and ready to be there. If the stream doesn't start screwing me up again.
  8. Well, my first remix in over 3 months. Glad it was this one. Since I first heard the Deflektor tune about a year ago (slow starter) I loved the sheer catchyness of it. Glad to see the remix manages to keep the catchyness. Nice one Chuck.
  9. Why is my comp so reliable on Fridays then a pile of shit on Saturdays?
  10. Sounds like she's up for a 69 though.
  11. There's a difference? Sorry to all Mustin and OUS fans but I can't open a UK gaming magazine at the moment without seeing a letter from Mustin plugging OUS. Kinda put me off him for a bit, hopefully he'll change my opinion later.
  12. I'm really surprised that J:/Drive doesn't have more remixes here as he obviously has loads of skill. This has been my favorite mix for a long time now mainly because I've long held the Chrono Trigger tune as my favorite on the OST and this is a mix that really does it justice. After a few listens of this the original sounds flat. NJ Rating: Aural Sex.
  13. If I can hear djp's voice I'm happy. If I hear cheesy music I'm happy. This is incredible.
  14. Nice work on getting #27 and #28 up at the same time.
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