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  1. so long, gay bowser!

    HAHAHAHA oh my god i laughed so hard at the title of this thread...

    my brother and i would always make that joke of what it sounded like mario said.. Wow dude, kudos for you for typing that! 10 year old jokes coming back are awesome

  2. When the beat first kicked in it really made me think that this song could be a good industrial remix..

    The soundscape is a little shocking at the 0:32 second mark because the percussion changes up so much, the low end bass disappears and the synth that plays the main melody that's panned to the right is extremely generic sounding.

    My opinion: Keep the hihat sound going past the 0:32 mark and see how it sounds.. Might keep the shock down. Also try panning more of the hard non-backing percussions around more.

    Work with a bit more reverb too. Some things seem to be in front or on top of other sounds. As well, some sounds are not loud enough, while a few could stand to be turned down a smidge.

    Even though the intro is kinda simple, it still builds up the anticipation a bit. When the :32 hits, it doesn't going any higher.. just hits this kinda plateau. Like it needs more loud screaming synths and the backing percussions need to have more presence, more strength.

    The thing at 2:09 sounds like the end of a song.. I don't what you were intending to do with it but just sounds funny

    Find more complex synth sounds and try those out...

    Try to find a less midi-sounding guitar PLEEEAAASSE!!

    And what other people said, production is a big issue. Work the sound levels better, reverb, and plan the soundscape better.

  3. When I say "Damn," I think it's obvious to infer that this is the most awful submission in the history of submissions that has ever been submitted by a submitter or group of submitters submitting their submission to the submissions process.


    We also did it submissively, if I might add..

    I really can't wait to hear the whole thing either. :<

  4. Son of a bitch! My video card is messing up.. I think I have to get a new one.. It's gonna be several days before I can get back online. You guys have fun.

    using bro's computer now.

  5. We're starting to get a FEW more people into the OCR channel.

    Don't forget, if you read this, PLEASE join the OCR channel so we can help each other out in the game and shoot the poop!

  6. I'd be quite pleased to see someone do Opening to Hell in the style of NIN's Eraser. Some good hard industrial drumming would go well with that.

    O RLY?

    Well I wish I had the studio to make that kinda song. Eraser is one of my favorite songs.... I love that deep, dark, powerful sound. Reason alone won't cut it. :-(

  7. Quuuestion: How updated is your first post? Are those tracks still available?

    Track 04 - Between Levels

    Track 07 - Shawn's got the Shotgun

    Track 09 - Into Sandy's City

    Track 28 - Getting Too Tense

    Track 30 - Opening To Hell

    I could certainly see Opening To Hell sounding like a Nine Inch Nails', A Warm Place, Eraser or Reptile-esque song.

  8. I was listening to your music for about 2 hours straight on repeat while i wrote this. Feel free to use it or not, rewrite whatever you want, take snippets.. doesn't matter.

    from all past memories to now in life

    soon be taken by Death's gnarled scythe

    following time's perpetual flow

    my grasp on life starts to let go

    an endless night, falling, screaming

    awaken from my slumber, fighting, dreaming

    how am I to handle the ceaseless stress

    without my loved one's soft caress?

    gone before the moonlight beaming

    through my window, flying, fleeing

    hope of another breath left my heart

    as the waning of my vision seemed to start

    the binding of my soul begins to break

    torn with the pain that startles me awake

    my shouts for a second chance heard by none

    for the air in my lungs has since been done

    no more movement now

    no more sound

    and all that ends has ended...

    felt good to write that, too.

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