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  1. Hi guys, it's been forever since I made this, but I recently updated the song to take care of some things I didn't like, and will be pressing a CD in August. If anyone is interested in helping be a part of the initial Kickstarter for the CD, I'd love to have you! Either way, you can check out the updated version here http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/bazooie/bazooie-the-path-of-least-resistance/posts -bazooie
  2. hi all. i'm glad you enjoy the remix. when i release the album later this year, i'll master it to a higher quality. i've had a few requests for the lyrics so here they are in their full unadulterated, cheesy goodness: and if you do love me i will say i love you and you will go with me to the land of harmony where horizon meets the sea the sun will warm my love my love, please leave me i want to sleep in the night, don't call me just let me dream now you can sing along o_0 -bazooie
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