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  1. Update on the WiP-front! As my network is bitching today, I have just uploaded a new mp3 instead of replacing the first one.

    Here's the link.

    Your transition at :11 is bad because its non existant. Start by making one :P. The beginning is nice, but I would hold a string chord for the tonal ambience. I suppose this use of slayer is passable, but as always, an actual synth would sound much fuller and more interesting. Good start, keep working at it.

  2. I really love your composition here, it is varied, dynamic, and fun. The transitions are good and your tones and textures create a lucious atmosphere.

    Sample wise, there is nothing really wrong what is used here. It is mediocre by professional standards, but its how you use it that counts. I think your biggest problem is your reverb. It sounds like you are using unmodified Gigastudio Reverb, which is bad. It has no low cut and a super long tail muddying up the hall when a lot of bassy or windy instruments play.

    I don't know what you are using, so I can't really suggest any options, but try and mess with what you have to lighten up the tail and make a bass cut.

  3. What's with Gray and his phoenix titles? :P

    Probably, he love Phoenix.

    Txai is right. ;) But also there are a lot of similar motifs/ideas, and some instrumentation as this is essentially Phoenix III in the series, with the other two obviously being I and II. I don't plan a IV at this point though.

    Thanks for the comments and your time everyone.

    Gray's first lay was a girl named Pheonix ;\.

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